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#LagosBusChronicles 25

Happy Monday! I don’t understand why Mondays are like this… After Friday, everything happens so fast. The hours run faster than Usain Bolt, and before you know it, poof! It’s Monday… I’m digressing…let me get back to...


#PhotoSpeak: Get rid of Trash!

  It’s a new week. It’s that time when you need to get rid of trash- of people and of decisions. Trash takes up too much space and adds no value. If you want to move ahead with little distraction, look around you. Take out the trash...


#PhotoSpeak: A whole lot of funk!

  Walking down the street in your ankara shorts. Minding your business. Not giving a damn. Life is for living. Live on your terms. Wear fashion. Reinvent style. Funk up your image. And rock that self confidence like the cost of real diamonds....


#PhotoSpeak: Keep Moving!

  Whether you are in a Range Rover or a Limousine… driving a Mercedes Benz or pushing down the accelerator of a truck… You could be hanging on a commercial bus or riding an “okada”… Or maybe you are on a bicycle...


#LagosBusChronicles 24

Thank god it’s Friday! I got in a fight with the conductor today. Yea..well, he was being stupid on purpose. I sat in the front seat beside the driver, and like every bus in Nigeria, the door never opens from the  inside. Buses and jammed...

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