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A moment with a Lagos Hustler

Lagos is a beautiful place. It’s a place rightly called ‘the City of Hustlers’ because it’s rather difficult to find someone sitting idle. It goes without saying that Lagosians are a hardworking breed; there is no job in Lagos that people...


#LagosBusChronicles 45

By Kikelomo Onigbanjo How are we doing this Wednesday? Today’s story isn’t funny at all There was serious traffic on the Third Mainland Bridge The traffic was so intense, we were all sweating. But instead of this driver and conductor to...

woman snooping

Is it right to snoop on your partner?

It is often said that a suspicious man or woman does more research than the FBI, CIA and Secret Service put together. Over time, people have devised various ways to hide the contents and information on their phones from their significant other. They...


5 Reasons She Won’t Date You!

“Why do girls not like me?” that’s one complicated question; this hurts because to you; you’re a pretty good catch; nice guy, down to earth…I mean seriously, what more could any lady want? after all you’ve given your all...


#LagosBusChronicles 44

By Kikelomo Onigbanjo Hello… its me again… The bus conductor fell in love today! This lady could not get a seat on the bus because it was already full. She was about to look for another bus when the conductor called her and willingly...


#LagosBusChronicles 43

By Kikelomo Onigbanjo Good afternoon and happy Monday! Today went on really smoothly… There was no disorganised crowd at the bus stop; instead there was an organised queue I got an early bus and I got a seat close to the window… bliss! The Third...

woman screaming

7 Times Silence is Golden!

Though it is great to voice your opinion and express yourself, there are times when staying silent can be just as powerful as the words you mean to say, after all, as the saying goes, “Better to be silent and be thought of as a fool, than to...

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