Good Morning!

I know you are thinking what I am thinking, it’s Monday again…


And Mondays are always crazy right from the bus stop, which is always looking like this:


An empty bus came by and was headed for my destination; I rushed to enter only for one woman to struggle with me. I looked at her like:


Anyway, we moved. We started paying line by line and remitted the money to the driver.

The money was short of ‘3 person’ – the driver’s voice not mine. This brought out his inner hulk


He parked the bus on the third mainland bridge and started demanding for his money


It was then discovered that he carried two ‘staff’ (policemen), and one man that did not have money to pay because they stole his money. The man was looking at him like:


He eventually forgot about the money, but he complained till we got to our destination. I was looking at him like:


When he parked at the last bus stop, we all got down quickly and did not look back.


Have a nice day!

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