Kim Kardashian recently sparked mixed reaction on social media with a series of nude selfies, which a few people have copied, in a bid to show support to the reality star and mother of two.

Another superfan of Kim has but Jordan James Parke has praised her for being proud of her body – and has even done the same himself – admitting it was Kim who inspired him.

“At the end of the day, she looks amazing,” he said of his idol. “Anyone that is a fan of hers or knows anything about her, that’s what she’s about. It annoys me seeing people saying it makes women look bad, how does it make women look bad?”

Jordan has one goal – to be the ‘Male Kim Kardashian’ – and he’s gone to great lengths to achieve it. James, 24, has spent more than £100,000 on surgery to look just like Kim. James Jordan, shared his naked mirror selfie with the caption:

“When you have nothing to”

Below are pictures of Jordan as a kid, before and after numerous surgeries.
Jordan-James-Parke-before-his-surgery (1)





Photo credit: Instagram

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