By Kikelomo Onigbanjo

This story is painfully funny.

I took a bus today like every other normal person…


And this really pretty babe came inside the bus – very beautiful!


When it was time to pay, she came out straight saying she did not have a kobo on her!

Co2qS3TW8AEgwih.jpg large
The conductor started his thing, shouting and screaming at the top of his voice


He told her to either get down or ask someone in the bus to lap her. She chose the latter option.


Several guys were looking at her like: choose me! choose me!

One Mallam graciously offered his laps but…

Zinder, Niger, Africa - Hausa Man with Facial Scarification.

She turned him down and picked one fine bobo.


Turns out it was the worst decision because she complained all through the duration of the journey.


I’m gonna pause for a minute, this lady sef, someone is offering you help and you’re still making shakara and having choice…na wa o!

really gif

When we got to the last bus stop, he wanted to collect her number, but she left him hanging there like:


I don’t know why guys behave that way, one little favour, you start behaving like you are her Lord and Saviour.


Have a fabulous day!

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