By Busari Yusuf

Twitter user, @theafricanoman, Tèmítópé Adébiyi, who lives in Washington D.C, tweeted about a Nigerian-American man who filed for his girlfriend from Nigeria to come over to the U.S., but  when the lady got to America, she reportedly went straight to Indianapolis, the largest city of the U.S. to meet another guy.

He wrote;

“If you hear stories of the good things some men have done for women and they get paid back in the wrongest of all ways, you will be shocked.

One Nigerian-American bros filed for his girlfriend from Nigeria. The lady got to America and went straight to Indianapolis to meet another guy.

The bros waited at the JK Kennedy airport in NY for the arrival of his fiancee. After 8 hours of the arrival time, he left disappointed.

For days he didn’t hear from the lady and he contacted her relatives and all what they said was that she left Nigeria and they ve not heard from her.

After 2 weeks, he saw her active on Facebook messenger and he sent series of messages to know her whereabout but got no response.

It was not until he was blocked on all his social media with the lady that he knew there is fire on the moutain.

It was the lady’s friend who later opened up that she went to Indianapolis to meet another guy whom she has also been dating all along.

He called the lady’s dad to inform him of this. The dad said it’s for the lady to decide. This is a man he sent a car to few months ago.”

After sharing the news online, Nigerians have reacted. See some interesting reactions below;


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