Well former Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate Gifty Powers is in the news once again and you can bet, it’s for less than impressive reasons.

The controversial reality star decided to “put pride aside” and openly solicit for “Likes” from her “fellow” reality star, world famous Kim Kardashian during a Live Video on social media.

Gifty was caught begging Kim Kardashian and as if that wasn’t desperate enough, she had to put emphasis by using the word “please” twice. – “Kimmmmmmmmmm pls comment on any of my pic plssss” she had written

See below;

And of course, social media being social media with good hearts everly glued on their screen has helped Gifty Powers spread the word – the gist has gone viral.

Oh dear, how desperate the need to belong and impress. #Sad

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