Kenya’s Election Regulations

28th June 2017 0

by Chidinma Okere Kenyans risk a fine of $10,000 (£8,000) or jail term of five years for using "impolite, disrespectful or inciting language on social…


Living and Working In Oshodi

28th June 2017 0

Oshodi, Lagos - The first thing that hits me as I step out from the bus is the manic rush, wringling and pressing. Oshodi is not…

Nigeria’s Missing President & A Maradonic Voice of Restructuring

28th June 2017 0

By James Ogunjimi The news for a few days back has been dominated not just by the Islamic celebrations, two events have stood out among…

#Opinion: The pride of the Igbos— noble or over-reaching? By Ucheoma Onwutuebe

27th June 2017 0

There is a common saying amongst the igbos: “If you arrive any land and do not find an igbo man there, return, for that land…

#FreeEvans: Nigerians warped sense of judgement

24th June 2017 1

By Joy Isi Bewaji The infamous kidnapper was caught two weeks ago. We are alarmed by the ransom figures. One million dollars is a lot…

On Shopping Malls and Competing Businesses

22nd June 2017 0

There’s something about The Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki—the last time I went there, August 2016 on a date that quickly morphed into a relationship, I…

On Mabel Makun, Social Media and The Other Woman

16th June 2017 0

So earlier this week, Mabel Makun, wife of Nigerian comedian and actor, Ay Makun, gave us a lot to talk about. After deciding that social…


Vibes Night with SOMA; #Song Release Party (Photos)

28th June 2017 0

by Tushbee Song title: Liquor; Produced by Sammy Gyang;  Ese, Miyonse, Model Maggie, Estacy, Orlando, Kayode and tons of Soma's friends came out to support this fast…