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Sex Toys: Designed to broaden your pleasure horizon – whispers-ng.com

Sex Toys: Designed to broaden your pleasure horizon

When an average Nigerian hears ‘sex toys‘ they most likely think – pervert!, kinky!, nympho! Contrary to popular opinion, sex toys are not only for people who have a bad sex life, no sex life, or only used  because you can’t get any real sex.

Today sex toys are available in almost all countries for male and females and are popular among adventurous people.  And the sooner we realise that everyone is kinky (in one way or another) behind closed doors, the happier and less stressful your sex life will be.

Happenings met up with the boss of Whispers-ng.com, and had a very interesting but insightful interview, we found that sex toys are for everyone, not just lonely single people and it can be a game changer in relationships and marriages alike.

What inspired you to sell pleasure products?

What can I say, love is a beautiful thing. And an elusive one too. Almost everybody wants to find love but most people do not know how to keep it exciting. Especially the physical aspect of love. That’s where Whispers-ng.com comes in. We specialise in teaching and advising on ways to help you and your partner improve your sex life and relationship.

Do you think that sex toys are essential in marriages?

Sex toys are as essential as you and your partner want to make them. They are designed to broaden your pleasure horizon only.

Are there any side effects to the use of these products?

Explicitly no. As long as users follow the instructions of use. We are especially focused on encouraging our Whisperers to use them.

What are the price ranges? (the most expensive and the cheapest)

Prices for our Candy Shop collection on whispers-ng.com start from as little as N1,890 for our Spanish Fly Drops for example.

Sex Toys: Designed to broaden your pleasure horizon

What gender patronises you more?

Whispers sell lingerie and sex toys. All are pleasure products. We tend to have women buying more from our Candy Shop collection and they are not too shy to ask how the toys work which we are always very happy to answer any and all questions. Men tend to lean more towards buying lingerie and asking for relationship advice in terms of adding more romance to their sex lives. We were initially surprised too at the trend.

How profitable is this business in Nigeria?

Very profitable. We have the pleasure of watching relationships grow and flourish, becoming friends and confidants to our Whisperers and creating valued, long lasting relations. There is nothing more profitable than that in business and we are very lucky for it.

What regular responses do you get anytime you tell a prospective client you sell sex products/toys?

Usually everybody then asks us how a particular product they have seen somewhere, works. For men, 9 times out of 10, they ask us a sex related questions usually relating to their current or previous sexual relationship. Women can sometimes be a little shy at first and in order to overcome that, we organise our Whispers Girls Night In parties where ladies can come by to eat, drink, play games and shop for lingerie and toys. The aim is for everyone to be have fun whilst discussing relationship and sex related issues.

What do you think about the sexual orientation of Nigerians?

Wow, that’s a very broad question. Love is love, as long as it is between two consenting adults.

Do you use them?

We practice what we preach at Whispers-ng.com

Sex Toys: Designed to broaden your pleasure horizon

What kind of feedback do you get from your customers?

Whisperers love our approach to what we do and they are great at telling us this. It can be challenging working in the pleasure industry in Nigeria but our Whisperers make it worth every sacrifice.

Which is your favourite?

My personal favourite are garters and stockings. They are severely underutilised in our society but I love it because, apart from the visual impact, the extra piece of lace brings out the woman in you.

Are more of your customers married or single people?

To be honest, we make a point of not asking.

Is there anything like an association of sex toy sellers in Nigeria?

Not that I know of. I wonder what we would do at the meetings though lol.

Do you have competitors in the market?

Very much so, and I personally have pure admiration and respect for them. Especially for the women in the industry. Our society does not encourage women, and even men, to break the mould and explore their sexuality as well as encourage others to do likewise.

What product do customers demand the most?

We tend to sell more Sexentials, which are our range of accessories including aphrodisiacs.

Sex Toys: Designed to broaden your pleasure horizon

What kind of customers do you get – the elite or middle class?

Whisperers are across class and age, over 21 only though.

Do you think selling sex toys to any customer has saved a marriage or relationship?

No. Vibrators aren’t magic wands. Toys are toys, designed to encourage indulgence in pleasure, not therapy. We always encourage sessions with our Whisperers to explore their need for the toys and each other to ensure that we can recommend the most effective toy for them.

Why do you think people turn to sex toys?

Why do children play with toys, it makes them happy. It thrills their imagination. It removes them from the ordinary. No one ever remembers the night they got a good night’s sleep.

Many Nigerians still find it quite uncomfortable walking into a pharmacy/store to buy condoms, which are generally accepted, so how confident are Nigerians in walking into one to demand a sex toy?

Whispers-ng.com have a Fitting Room, not a store. We create an intimate environment for our customers to come in, by appointment, and we have a chat with them to find out what their needs are and how we can best help them to fulfil their desire.

Which gender exudes more confidence in patronising you?

Women. Although that is not very surprising.

Has there been any occasion where you had to act as a counsellor of some sort to customers?

Every time we sell any item, we act as a counsellor. We encourage Whisperers to come in to talk to us, discuss their needs and how best we can help them.

Have you ever faced criticism because of your line of business?

No actually. I am surrounded by a very supportive and close knit of people. I do sometimes fear prejudice, not criticism.

In conclusion, sex toys doesn’t make sex kinky, and using them doesn’t say anything about the kind of person you are, other than the fact that you’re the kind of person who feels worthy of sexual pleasure.


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Sex Toys: Designed to broaden your pleasure horizon

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