A look at the highlights on this day October 26;

1954 – Walt Disney’s 1st television program, “Disneyland,” premieres on ABC


1492 – Lead pencils first used

1976 –  Trinidad and Tobago became a republic



2015 – “Spectre”, 24th James Bond film, directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig premieres in London


1905 – Norway gained independence from Sweden.


2008 – Egypt Wife Swapping Couple Arrested: Egyptian police arrest a senior civil servant and his wife accusing them of swapping sex partners with other couples during “swinger” parties. Extra-marital sex is illegal in the country, where the constitution says Islamic law is the main source of legislation.


There it is, highlights today in history.


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  1. Lead pencils, brings to mind my dear country Nigeria.
    According to one of our noise makers.. oops! minister I meant to say, Nigeria will start producing pencils by 2018 abi na 2017, no wahala we are waiting.
    We ought to be living in medieval times, imagine the time difference between 1492 and 2018. #jokers.

    Trinidad and Tobago- what a fascinating name for a country.
    Happy anniversary as a republic.
    Beautiful people you’ve got.

    Also a Happy independence to Norway today.

  2. Wonderful things happened in this my october oo,Walt Disney has really come a long way changng lives and producing classics.

    ‘I’ll have a vodka martinee,shaken not stirred’,my 007 of laive.

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