Hearts have been broken and tempers raging after a video for The Scene now tagged #hurtbae surfaced online.

In the video a young lady, Kourtney Jorge, obviously seeking closure, sits face to face with her ex-boyfriend, Leonard Long III, having an incredibly difficult conversation on how he cheated on her countless times without any regard for her feelings.

As the conversation progresses, Kourtney is physically broken, while her ex appears to be mostly unfazed. At the end of the video, Leonard says he hopes they an be good friend’s in the future, but Twitter ain’t having it.

Watch the video below;

The reaction to the video has been crazy. Several men wanting to make it better have flooded her with lyrics from Mario, Usher, Joe, Omarion, Boyz II Men, and every other R&B star with lyrics of treating her better than her last man.

Some wonder why the video is a thing, since men cheating in relationships happens all the time, while others have dropped the sledgehammer on him calling him unprintable names.

Read reactions below;

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