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1 Lesson for Seyi Shay – Do Your Homework!


Seyi Shay made headlines once again for yet another public error.

Remember not too long ago the “Electric package” palava that got social media in a frenzy, this time she alleged that Drake’s hit single, ‘One Dance’ that featured Wizkid actually belongs to Wizkid and not Drake.


Seyi Shay made this statement while being interviewed by DJ Akademiks on his show On Stage, that Wizkid owns the song and only gave it to Drake whom then stripped the song of its Afro-beat rhythm to suit his style of music.

Wizkid reacted to this by tweeting:



She has apogised stating she spoke based on “hear say” and Wizkid has acknowledged her apology “Love my girl Seyi Shay regardless” (Check tweets above).

She wrote,
“#SEYIORSHAY ✔ @iamseyishay
I love wiz n I was just tryin 2 defend my bro. I stand 4 African music. I spoke based on ‘Hear say’ but I was mis informed… #Sorry #OOC”


Well, Seyi Shay in the future please do your homework; get your facts right before you speak. Moreover, even if this were true it’s not in your place to tell.

You should know better than to go on international TV and make such incriminating statements based on “hear say”. You’re a public figure and should be more careful.
duh gif

I guess since both parties seem to have patched things up, it’s water under the bridge.

Good night!

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