I am Bolu Owolabi, An Eksu Student. See what He wrote: I am an Ekiti man and I love Ekiti our dear state. As we prepare for the next leadership of the next administration in 2018, I owe my Ekiti compatriot the duty to identify in guiding them on the choice of the next Governor.
I am convinced that the past experiences from 1999 till date and particularly the present realities will help in making the perfect choice. Today I start with one man that Ekiti cannot afford to vote. He is Congressman Bimbo Daramola and these are the reasons.
(1) I am told he built a 32 bed hospital and equipped it, and handed it over to the State government. Why would a sane minded person commit his personal resources to what some administrations either at local or state did not do? Or indeed any politician in Ekiti has never done!! Including those who have occupied the seat he is seeking!
Does this man not realise how many 5kg of rice and N200 that will come out of the amount committed to building hospital? Which can be given on the street?
Does this man not realise how many bottles of 33 beer or Goldberg can be bought from the money used to build the hospital? Kai! This man is so disconnected!!!
Is he the only one that went to the national assembly? Both representatives and senate or was he paid different income? This man is not in touch with the realities of stomach infrastructure, so why must Ekiti vote for him?
Why will he leave the streets to build hospital when opa eyin, sepe, and Elewe omo and miracle centres are available!!
(2) I am told this so called Congressman titled his political philosophy as “nitori ojo ola wa” i.e for the sake of tomorrow!! Who cares? What is his business with anybody’s tomorrow? Abeg we Ekiti’s want our own share now now , tomorrow will take care of itself, please na today we know, make we collect our own, so why should we vote anybody whose philosophy politically recognises tomorrow?
(3) Abeg! I heard again that this Congressman went ahead and gave 1000 free JAMB/UTME FORMS to young boys and girls who are challenged but seeking tertiary education. Again I think this man is not in touch with the grass roots, abeg Charlie Boy needs to engage this man and tell him that his MUMU DON DO!!
What for heaven’s sake is his business giving JAMB forms to every ward in the state, covering every town, does he not realise that these young ones and their parents will prefer 2kg of rice and N200?
MUMU! Walahi this is not the kind of Governor we want, Beer parlors are all over the place ke!! If their parents cannot buy JAMB forms for their children whose business? Did any former Governor, Deputy Governor, Senator or Rep buy form of this magnitude before they were voted in? MUMU!! Even delegates whose Children benefitted will rather collect N200 and 5kg rice or Chicken while the children will prefer cheese balls. We don’t want this kind of Governor.
(4) I saw the constituency projects that the Congressman did as member house of representatives and I am wondering if this man is still in touch with the people , for all the solar lights, solar powered boreholes , opening of rural access roads , boreholes with overhead tanks , yet he lost his bid to get re-elected , so this clearly shows that Ekiti will not vote a man like him for governor, when he could nominate and connive with contractors to convert the constituency  projects into money for personal use. Is that not the practice? So why must we vote for this man to change the normal order, after all those who did, not nothing go sele…
(5) Abomire 1, 2, 3, as hausas will say, shege Damboroba, these are the  yearly empowerment that he did for his constituents as member house of representatives , Walahi Alaseju ni man yi sha!!who send am? Imagine this man giving away as I heard about 60 cars, how can we like this man? What of others who also worked that did not get motor cars? Will it not be better to just share N200 and 5kg of rice or chicken that will go round? Instead of giving scholarships, empowerment tools, but giving cars to people who can never buy N20,000 shoes for themselves, common we cannot vote for this man ooo, we do not need anybody to improve anybody’s self-worth and esteem, why not buy us 33 beer or Goldberg? How many people did Fayose buy cars for in his first term and even now, how many people has Fayose given scholarships even bursary self no show? Abeg we no want this man, he is not in touch with what we are looking at from our Governor
(6) As a politician, he has never decamped, he is consistent, defending his party most times at the expense of his life, I saw him on television during rerun between Segun Oni and Fayemi, and he was shouting shoot me shoot me, bellowing I am ready to die, why why? Haba we do not want a governor like that, you must have decamped in and out, the more the times the better, at least Segun Oni wants to contest now, we want a man who is an “obey the wind” the less principled the better, if they go shoot am that night, he for don become RIP, nothing go happen , na one minute silence, finish !!
(7) I listened to the tape of Captain Koli of the Ekiti gate fame, in a 2 minutes’ clip, it’s the mention of Bimbo Daramola ten times in a 2 minutes clip by Obanikoro, Omisore and even our dear able governor Fayose himself!!, get him tomorrow, no!! no!! no!!! get him tonight na im we dey hear, I read report how his father was beaten and people in his house beaten up, haba!!! “”Nah only congressman dey the APC””? We do not need a man that is this serious, all nah politics, why fighting to defend anything or anybody, even the man they wanted to kill him for we dey hear say he wan run again, so tey him 87 year old  Papa sef got brushed by the goons! Abeg all na politics we in Ekiti do not need this kin man for our governor, did they go to harass Segun Oni another chieftain?
(8) I read that this same Bimbo Daramola painted the entire ACN party headquarters in Wuse Zone 6 in Abuja in 2012!! Abeg this man MUMU DON DO, na only him dey the party? Governors, Senators, Representatives etc did not realise that the party was defaced , so tey na Bimbo dey go paint party national headquarters ?abeg , in Ekiti we do not want a governor like this ? we don’t need a governor who gives freely to the people or anything that will be beneficial to others
(9) I heard that as member House of Representatives, his records of contributions and performance on the floor is still second to none since Ekiti has been sending representatives to National Assembly. Why do we need such a person for governor, we need a personality who will be known for negative utterances anytime he opens his mouth or the one that cannot talk that will be titled “DEJO” or I support the motion, those are the kind of persons we want as governor?
(10)  I also feel Ekiti does not  need a man who will serve his master as if his life depends on it, I remember how this man was all over the place as Director General of Kayode Fayemi re-election campaign, yet the running of the campaign finances was given to other people, Ekiti needs a smart man for Governor “”to gbon fefe”” who appropriate our commonwealth for themselves, the MUMU OF THIS MAN DON DO!!
I am  an Ekiti man and I know what they want, so I hope for these reasons Congressman will not be considered as a material good enough for the Governorship of Ekiti State come 2018. God bless Ekiti State: The Land of Stomach Infrastructure and Momentary Gratification.


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