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10 Sure Signs Your Man Is Stingy; 3 Ways To Deal With It!


Stinginess? One hell of a turn off for ladies! Let’s face it, dating a stingy boyfriend can be really annoying/ depressing especially when your man’s obviously loaded and you know it. Anything outside “basic necessities” are a NO NO! He calls it thriftiness, but you know better. Just in case you’re torn between whether or not to admit you’re dating a stingy man, here are 10 sure signs you can’t ignore:

He rarely takes you out- You cook your hands out every freaking time, but for “special dates”, he proudly takes you to a cheap restaurant – “Nobody cook like you bae, nobody


Both of you always have to split the bill – He never sorts it – “EQUALITY – “When it comes to finance that is…”


You’ve always got to spill your lungs out when you want to ask for money  – “Hey, what about the N2000 I gave you for underwear two months ago, they still look good!”


Never ever buys you gifts; Whether your birthday, Vals day… it don’t matter – “Everyday is special”


Bad mouths others who spoil their partners – He ain’t got no plans for the future, me bae, I got it all mapped out!”


Doesn’t take care for his parents and siblings – “Please, I ain’t Jesus Christ, they’re grown ass folks. I got responsibilities!”


Doesn’t even spend on himself – “Wears cheap and worn out clothes cos – You’all are just vain and he don’t roll like that”


Special offers never slip by – ‘Buy two, get one free’… Discounts! – “Now you’re talking”


Nags, Nags, Nags – His finances never look up… the economy is always on a down spiral sucking him in – Everything is just getting worse!


Never gives you money for your hair, let alone shopping – ” Damn, you spend way too much girl!! #SaveUp is the watch word!” 



3 Ways to Deal With it:

Spend on him too



Do you just seat and wait for him to spoil you? Spoil him! That might be the reason he’s tightfisted.  His attitude might also be in retaliation to past hurt; not been appreciated and being taken for granted. Do this, and he’s likely to improve- not change totally.

Talk about it


Often times, different views about finances are in contest, so you’ve got to air your grievance, trash it out. If not, it could lead to hurt, resentment and anger – the ultimate doom to a possibly great relationship.

Make your own cash

gif Be your own woman. There’s nothing more empowering than financial independence. Besides it will help assist in footing the bills, giving you a sense of accomplishment and self respect.


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  1. We’ve been together for long yet I have never seen his cent on me .he always come to my house and say he is hungry yet have never even bought matchbox for me,I’m the one to buy everything including the food he is going to eat.not that he is not working,he even earns more than me monthly . it’s sucking


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