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104 Years-old Scientist Ends His Life, Says His Death Is Taking Too Long


Ilori Titilayo

Dr David Goodall, a world-renowned botanist, has died at a suicide clinic in Switzerland on Thursday, May 10, at about 11:30am surrounded by family and friends after instructing there should be no ceremony held for him because he does not believe in an afterlife.

The British-born scientist, had said he wanted to die after his quality of life had deteriorated with age. And chose to have fish and chips and a cheesecake dessert for his final supper – his favourite.

The world-renowned botanist passed away within two minutes at the facility in Liestal, near Basel, Switzerland, the cost of dying at the clinic run by Life Cycle is around £8,000.

His family members wept by his bedside and in accordance with his final wishes,  Beethoven’s Ode to Joy was played on an iPad.

Final moments: Dr David Goodall is seen in the room in an assisted suicide clinic in Liestal near Basel, Switzerland, shortly before he died at 11.30am on Thursday.

Dr Goodall’s final quip came after he was unable to work the wheel to start the flow of the drug, and a switch had to be inserted into the intravenous line.

This meant he once again had to be asked a series of questions by a doctor before the procedure could take place, Dr Goodall was asked four questions by a doctor overseeing the procedure.

He was asked to say his name, his date of birth and why he was at the clinic. On the final question he was asked what would happen to him, he replied quickly: ‘I hope my heart stops.’

There was a slight hitch in the procedure when the frail 104-year-old was unable to operate a wheel that would send the lethal drug into his body.He could not twist the wheel and so doctors gave him a switch to flick and send the Nembutal coursing through his body.

As soon as the switch was flicked, Ode to Joy began playing in the room. Dr Goodall closed his eyes and was certified dead by a doctor.

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