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Dating Tips: 5 ways to meet the right guy for you


Meeting the man of your dreams is like betting your last kobo, knowing that your life depends on it. Some women get lucky and stumble across the love of their life without even looking for him. However, others aren’t that fortunate. You might have to go through dozens of guys before you even come close to realising what you’re actually looking for in a partner. Failed relationships are a learning experience, so don’t freak out if all of your relationships are short-lived. Dating is complicated, so don’t feel like you’re alone in your confusion.

Here are a few ways you can meet the right guy for you, so that you don’t waste your time with the wrong one:

1. Date Around

This is the simplest way to figure out what type of guy is right for you is to date around. Once you’ve gotten some experience, you can think back to your past relationships to see what you liked about your exes and what ruined your relationships with them, then build on the next one.

2. Look at Your Friends
Which of your friends could you picture dating? It’s an awkward question to think about, but it’ll help you figure out what traits you need in a partner. Do you think your friends boyfriend is got a good sense of humor? Then you need to find a guy with a similar taste. Does it drive you crazy that your best buddy is always late? Then you need someone who won’t keep you waiting.


3. Make New Friends
You can’t always associate with the same type of people. You need to branch out by finding friends with different interests and lifestyles as you. If you’re always hanging out with the same group, how could you possibly figure out what kind of guy you’re meant to be with? You won’t even know what else is out there until you go out and see for yourself.

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4. Keep Your Options Open
Instead of focusing all your attention on one man and trying to get him to ask you out, flirt with a bunch of men. Just because you bat your eyes at them doesn’t mean that you have to end up in a relationship, you know. Start up conversations with as many men as you can to see which ones you click with the best. You could even try speed dating if you get the chance.


5. Forget about His Hotness
You can probably imagine your dream guy in your head. However, you can’t let a guy’s looks determine whether or not you’re going to give him the time of day. The perfect man for you might look completely different than you’re imagining. If you genuinely want to find the right guy for you, you have to stop paying attention to looks and only focus on personality.


Knowing what you want will save you from wasting your time with a guy who wouldn’t stay in your life for long, anyway.

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