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Beyonce sues Texas company for “Feyonce” knockoffs


Beyonce is sueing a Texas company selling items online bearing the name “Feyonce” to put a lid on it.

Beyonce on Tuesday demanded they stop the sale of dozens of shirts, sweaters, tank tops, hoodies and even coffee mugs bearing the “Feyonce” name, which she calls too close to her own trademarked name.

In a complaint filed in Manhattan federal court, Beyonce accused Feyonce Inc and three individuals, all from San Antonio, of “brazenly” selling infringing “Feyonce” merchandise at their website.
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Among the items is a $14.95 mug with the phrase “he put a ring on it,” which Beyonce said was intended to call to mind the lyrics of “Single Ladies.”

Beyonce says the sale of Feyonce knockoffs confuses consumers and causes her irreparable harm to her brand, and that the defendants have ignored her requests to stop.

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