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5 Reasons why jungle justice is never the answer!


#JungleJustice: How horrifyingly familiar; Time and time again we’ve seen it – countless innocent citizens losing their precious lives in a blood thirsty craze for vengeance! “Holy” sinners gather to mete out the utmost inhumane punishment on the unlucky suspect; beating, lynching and burning to death. Justice is taken into the hands of citizens without legal backing and without any benefit of doubt.


In 2012, Nigeria was shaken by the gut wrenching reflection of the inhumanity of our society following the brutal killings of four promising undergraduates of the University of Port Harcourt; Chidiaka, Ugonna, Tekana and Lloyd, dubbed robbers. Unfortunately, many other victims have fallen prey to this shameful perpetual menace. Just yesterday, social media  was awash with the death of a notorious robber – Emma-B’ who was burnt alive in Warri.



But is this the answer to the moral degradation in our society? Can we boldly testify that this drastic method has had any significant impact in curbing crime in our society? Here are 6 reasons why I dare say otherwise:

The Innocent suffer: Sadly, there’s always someone who will be at the wrong place at the wrong time who would get roped into the mix unfortunately. “Justice” is served without prior investigation, while the cruelest hearts live till eternity.


Never justifiable: No individual has the right to take the life of another human, regardless of your faith in the country’s judicial system. Extra judicial killing is synonymous to injustice because ironically, the so called suspects are denied the right to be proven right or wrong in the court of law.


Self righteousness: One look at you and the world knows you’re one frustrated human, many thanks to the seemingly unending hardship. Any opportunity and you take out your anger on yet another frustrated human while you scamper disgracingly for little change paraded by the very architect of your woes during elections.

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Partiality: Regardless of how morally upright we all claim to be, we would never ever allow our own blood to go through such inhumane degradation.

Jungle justice or not, crime still persist – It’s been the old way dedicated to deterring hardened criminals to desist from crime from generation to generation, however, this has barely proved effective as crime seems to be on the upscale in the present day.

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