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7 surprising tricks to curb loneliness


Ever being in the midst of a crowd yet it felt like you were all alone, barely existing without fully being in tune with your environment? Loneliness unlike willfully being alone – secured and happy, feels awful, because we often feel trapped in a certain place enveloped by the feelings of powerlessness which might be triggered by a loss or a bad experience. But on the flip side however, loneliness  isn’t all bad as it  provides a beautiful opportunity to sit back, reflect on the cause and heal from pains of the past.

Do you often find yourself asking – “Why do I feel lonely?” “Is it because nobody loves me?.” “What can I do to stop this feeling?” Well, keep calm you’re on the right track because you’re willing to find a solution. Note that loneliness if not checked can result in a severe depression. Wondering fun ways to snap out of that lonely feeling? Follow these seven steps and you’ll feel fabulous all by yourself:

Go crazy


Yep! You read right and why not? After all you’re all by yourself so why don’t you maximize the opportunity? Make your own club right in that bedroom; Get naked, turn that music real loud, let it blast through that radio as high as you want it and dance your heart out in that bedroom! Trust me, this will leave you laughing read hard with the sweet memory lingering long after. How about that for a good laugh?

Beep up a forgotten friend:


Think of a long forgotten friend hitting you up after years, how exciting huh? Switch things up and do the calling instead. You guys can relive fun memories, plus, who knows you might just have a pal for life – Give it a try!

Bubble bath


Who says you always have to wait for that perfect romantic night to have all those candles and flowers? Why wait for that special someone to give you a treat? Remember it’s all about self love! Get scented bath gel, flowers, candles, red wine, good music, let your hair down and just relax and enjoy the beauty of life. If barely closing your eyes for a long while seems a little too much for you, you could do an interesting novel instead (preferably fiction), this will help immerse your whole being in the story line.

Crash a party


Hey, who says it’s too late too make amends? Yes, you’ve been dubbed “snub”(perhaps deservingly) because you basically ignore all invitations which lands on your doorstep, well it’s time to dump that title and socialize. If you got an upcoming party which you had previously canceled, take it up! Rise up to the challenge and go catch lots of fun – you’ll d be glad you did .

Have a gratitude note


Sometimes we get carried away by feelings of sadness as a result of certain setbacks we’ve encountered along the way and often forget to count our many blessings and successes. Depression comes when we feel inadequate and at those times we need to be reminded about the many “goods” in our lives rather than the exaggerated “bad” – This, a gratitude note does amazingly.

Visit the cinemas:

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Okay so staying home and doing pop corn might not do the trick, how about the cinemas!  Watching a movie with different kinds of people helps tons. Choose a really interesting movie and make sure you let go of your emotions; “ooh… aah…”, scream and clap alongside your fellow audience but while at it, remember to stay glued to the screen. This is a great way to feel good! Now that’s sounds like fun, doesn’t it?



Planning a vacation can help envelop your whole being; choosing a fun destination, going shopping, packing, this is guaranteed to consume that wavering mind of yours and trust me, you’ll be too busy to even consider being lonely and finally, when you reach your destination, ensure you visit different tourist destination. – Awesome!!

“Even when it seems that there is no one else, always remember there’s one person who never ceased to love you – yourself.”  Set thyself free and keep being fabulous! It’s in YOU!


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