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6 Ways to keep a secret relationship


In these times where many live their lives on social media, flaunting every new relationship and achievement with snap shots and updates, it’s hard to find people you know absolutely nothing about. But if you are on the reverse side of this coin, trying to keep your new flame away from friends, family or co-workers, hiding a relationship can be quite daunting but not impossible. Communication, honesty, and trust are essential for you and your partner to pull it off. Here are a few tips to help you keep and manage a secret relationship.

Why do you want to keep it secret?
Determine the reason why you want to keep it secret. Is it nosy friends?, A past experience or you are just a private person? Whatever your reasons are, you must both agree in honesty to each other.

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Don’t exclude others
You want to keep them out, bring them in. When you decide to hang out, invite others along, at least sometimes. People will notice if you’re always hanging out exclusively and they may start to talk if you don’t include other friends on occasion. But try as hard as you can to act normally around them.


Stay away from social media
keep pictures of the two of you off social media to avoid suspicion.

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Be discreet
Surely you both need some alone time. So plan carefully and be as discreet as possible. Try to avoid any location where you might meet up with people you both are familiar with. If you must, drive a little out of town, so you don’t run into people you know.


Delete communications
If you are around family/friends who love looking through your phone or computer, it’s important to delete any communications from that person or place a password on your devices.


Set a time limit
At some point, you won’t be able to keep your relationship a secret anymore. So as you both agreed to keep it a secret, you have to decide also when you think it’s okay to let others know about your relationship.


Have you ever been in a secret relationship? How did it work out for you?

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