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12 Dating ideas that do not require much money

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There’s no disputing the fact that money plays a major role in the success of relationships, even though  a few would say other wise. Not that money can buy love, but rather money is an essential part of the dating process. However, I don’t think that it should be a parameter to show how much couples love each other, especially when it comes to how much money is spent on gifts and pleasures.

Dating doesn’t always have to be an expensive affair – dressed to the t, candle light 3-course dinner. It’s not all the time you have to pull out your wallet to impress your partner, so I’m going to share a few dating ideas that wouldn’t have to dig a whole in your pocket.

Teach each other a skill – Ask your partner what he/she is good at and enjoy teaching each other.


Sport play – Enjoy your favourite sport together and stay fit. lol…

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Picnics – You don’t need much to pull this off. It’s fun and intimate.


Watch movies at home – Pick out great movies and invite your date over, snuggle up, have fun with movies back to back, alongside snacks, drinks and pop corn. More like a home theatre experience.


Hobby Ideas – Spend time together doing thing you both love – singing, playing games, painting, dancing, movies – you will have fun spending time with your partner.


Cook a meal together – Invite him/her over and have fun cooking together. Eat, play and watch movies.


Ice cream and happy hour dates – You can go get ice-cream and some inexpensive cocktails and just enjoy it.


Share stories: Tell each other stories about your relationship. It will bring back the butterflies and give you perspective on how far you’ve come.

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Make a scrapbook: Use photos and memorabilia to celebrate all the things you’ve done as a couple, or create a dual collage of your inspirations and aspirations.

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Transform your bedroom into a getaway retreat: Plan a getaway but instead of going away, stay home and transform your room into a cozy hotel look – wine, chocolate, food, flowers, sweets, movies, romance, room service (YOU)…


Take long walks together: You both can just take walks through unfamiliar routes or on the beach. Talk, laugh, window shop, buy some drinks to go with.


Share body massages: Instead of going to the spa, take turns massaging each other.


What other dating ideas would you recommend? Please share your ideas in the comment box below.



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