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8 Reasons why irregular periods don’t mean you’ll be eating for two!


At last! There you are sitting all pretty in pink enjoying that romantic date you’ve been shamelessly dreaming about, when suddenly you start to feel it; tap..tap..tap… Oh no, PERIOD ALERT at the worst possible time ever! Yes, we know all about the many benefits attached to our periods and all, but let’s be a little honest, that doesn’t mean many of us jump around for joy each time it shows up. But how about when it doesn’t bother showing up at all? The beginning of endless nightmares to say the least.


Every normal girl begins her period from ages 11- 12, every 28 days lasting for about 2- 7 days until menopause comes knocking, but if as time goes on,  your body doesn’t adjust to a period flow, irregular period occurs which could range from; early bleeding, scant bleeding to extremely heavy bleeding. Wondering what underlying triggers affecting the regularity of your period? Here are 8 causes of irregular periods:




Yep, you read right, stress indeed – the most common cause of irregular periods. But let’s face it, the everyday Nigerian girl’s life is anything but glamorous; wake up from bed grab those flats and work that ass off till night comes calling- It’s a miracle some of us still have regular periods.



No shame here; the typical Nigerian is constantly trying to get her weight in check; we fall, we rise and then, we fall yet again many thanks to those irresistible delicious night snacks which help chase away boredom countlessly. So what happens? Due to weight fluctuations, our bodies produce varying levels of certain hormones which can lead to irregular periods.



Too much exercise can lead to irregular period – Great! One more reason to console lazy bones like mine…lol. Seriously though, the body needs energy to menstruate, so burning it all in the gym can offset the hormone levels. Balance is the watch word girls – Balance!

Birth control pills


So those pills are happily preventing that little tot from shredding that good girl image you’ve been flaunting, but do you experience irregular period? It just might be the cause as getting used to tons of birth control pills can take several months, leading to a light or non-existent period – which is a blessing to some anyway.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

crying gif

This doesn’t just sound complicated, it is all shades of complicated. Sex hormones get out of balance which leads to the growth of ovarian cysts; PCOS carries a range of problems you including; infertility, anovulation (absence of ovulation)…This baggage ain’t pretty.



Life happens and slowly you start arching towards menopause- you say goodbye to good old pads with no hard feelings and shop the world of bright colours with pride! Irregular periods can start as early as 10 years before menopause, usually between ages 40 – 50.



Little wonder why medications shouldn’t be recommended by that self acclaimed chemist down your street. Medications can interfere with the everyday functioning of the body which can definitely affect your menstrual cycle.



That’s a given, pregnancy obviously stops the menstrual flow. If you’ve had unprotected sex, that could be a possibility.

Alright ladies, you can now breath! Although there’s a world of reasons why your period is irregular, it just might be linked to something simple as your diet! Last words; Keep calm – consult your doctor.


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