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Thrill Your Inner Child With Ice Cream! 6 Surprising Benefits Of The Delicious Creamy Treat


Rich creamy chocolate, vanilla, blueberry, black walnut… the variety of this irresistible treat is endless! Enjoyed with different ice cream fixings; syrup, candy, fruit, and nuts, it’s a whole new level of deliciousness! Whether eaten as a snack or dessert this absolutely divine delight which dates back to 200 B.C has satiated millions of taste buds around the world with pride. Love ice cream but scared of crashing your diet?, don’t sweat it. In honour of ‘Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day’ being celebrated today, we bring you 6 reasons why you should totally do ice cream:


Helps you lose weight 

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Yep, you read it right! How it works? Ice cream causes your body temperature to drop so your body fights against the drop, thereby burning calories. Pretty cool huh? lol

It may boost your sex drive


Ice cream does an amazing job keeping you alive between the sheets. Filled with high levels of calcium and phosphorus both help boost that libido. Awesome right? Extra tip  for the guys – you might want to try vanilla as the scent increases arousal. One word – Great!

It may help fight infertility.

Need any more conviction why you totally need to indulge in creamy ice cream? According to research, ice cream may improve your chances of having a baby – Totally worth it.

Ice cream stimulates the creative thinking


This  delicious dessert helps give depression/ stress the boot, producing happy hormones making your body relax – perfect environment for a genius idea. It also helps prevent symptoms of insomnia.” Remind me why I shouldn’t indulge again…

Ice cream can help reduce the risk of suffering from cancer

Every scoop of ice cream can reduce the risk of developing colon cancer and we have calcium contained to thank. It also help keep our bones healthy – Who knew having a sweet tooth had this many advantages?? lol

Gorgeous smile

A spoonful of the cold ice cream can actually makes you happy and guess what? It’s immediate too; just close your eyes and revel in its unbelievably amazing taste – Hmm yummy… Now that’s what I’m talking about!


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