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Just Before You Join The “Kim K Waist Training Gang”; 8 Facts You Should Know!


So all of a sudden, the queen of sexiness (more like modern day queen if you ask me) her royal highness cum voluptuousness,  Kim Kardashian appeared out of the blues armed with super stylish waist corsets, post pregnancy and bam! -Body shaping obsession spread like wildfire. It was as if waist cinchers never even existed in the Victorian era in the first place  lol.  Got waist trainers splashed every and anywhere or are you planning on getting one? Here are some facts you definitely need to know before launching full speed:


They make your waist appear real tiny 


When worn, a corset instantly makes you look slimmer and your waist appear smaller, although when removed the body shape comes back to normal. So much for magic.

Temporary weightloss


If you do regular waist training together with workouts, you’d notice that your body temperature increases, leading to sweating which leads to weight loss, but don’t get too excited though, it’s only temporary. A healthy lifestyle is the watchword.

You organs may shift which is dangerous to your health


Tightlacing of the waist no doubt brings out your sexy, but don’t get it twisted, deformity is part of the package too. The upper organs are said to move upwards, while the lower organs shift downwards. Scary right?

Causes Dehydration


Combining workouts with waist training causes increase in temperature, sweat and therefore dehydration – Who knows, you might drown a whole rivers and still not be satisfied. lol

It can affect your back muscles


Doing waist training for a long period render your abdominal muscles inactive and potentially cause a weakening of the back. Obviously, it takes more than a good waist to make a statement. Just saying

Your breathing gets affected too


You might love that cinched in waist but it’s definitely not going to be easy breathing; when too tight or used for a long time, it can cause cramps, discomfort and pinching. So not worth it.

Other health risks


Now how do; skin infections, pulmonary problems, kidney issues and lung issues alongside extreme pain sound? Terrible! You got that right. Manufacturers warn that the cinchers are to be worn at short intervals following the high risk involved.

It’s an absolute NO if you’re still growing


When body and muscles haven’t fully developed and you choke them with waist trainers, it could have potentially permanent health risks. Do you really want to risk all that just so you get a few more “oohs and aahs”??




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