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Sad! Fresh IMSU Graduate falls into soakaway and dies during graduation celebration; Details


This is so so sad…Where does one even begin! From rubbing charcoal mixed with red oil on bodies of fellow fresh graduants to flogging and water pouring, all in celebration of completing university education, some celebration traditions have made major headlines but this time, one can only say this is every bit heartbreaking.

Yesterday August 9, while celebration of final year students of Imo State University was in full swing, an unnamed graduate in a bid to escape another round of dirty water being poured on him by a group of students chasing, him fell into a soakaway pit and drowned.




To complicate matters, the pit was dug beside a transformer where earth-wire is buried.

Details were not given as regards efforts to rescue the deceased.

The sad news was posted by a Facebook user to the group “Federal polytechnic Oko.

Heartwrenching indeed… Sadly, after spending four whole years in the university, once again another life has been tragically lost just like that; hopes vanished,  sweat and finances drained without absolutely nothing to show, following careless/ dangerous celebration traditions which could have been avoided if the supposed water pouring as well as so called dangerous celebration traditions which according to reports had been banned was implemented and taken more seriously.

This is a huge loss …May God comfort his family.


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