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5 Ways Skool Media Is Changing Education In Nigeria


In a world where millions of young Nigerians are out of school despite several government innovations to keep them in classrooms, Skool Media, an ICT based initiative, is on a mission to redefine education.
Below are five ways they ensure inclusive and equitable quality education in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 4:

1. Bringing technology to students: In partnership with the Federal Ministry of Education, Skool Media has provided technology in the form of tablets and ICT centres to various Unity schools across the federation. This capital intensive feat involves levels of partnerships with school administrators and Parent Teacher Associations.

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2. Transforming teachers: Old habits die hard. Nigerian teachers are used to old methods of teaching, which are not so effective. Through ICT trainings, Skool Media has changed about 8, 000 teachers from chalkboard writing teachers to tab-wielding, projector-using instructors. These teachers have been transformed to confident tech-savvy individuals who can compete globally. They will most likely not be running to their children for every technological challenge they encounter.

3. Arousing the students’ interest in education: The traditional method of learning can be quite tedious but when combined with technology, it makes students more interested in learning. Education is definitely more fun and engaging with technology. Students are more eager to learn with the use of various technological devices.


4. Teaching students a sense of responsibility: Education is not just about memorising different subjects and acing tests. A well rounded student is both academically and morally upright. Skool Media has provided a substantial number of tablets to students nationwide. These durable tablets can be passed on to their younger ones. For this to be possible, the tablets need to be handled with care in order to remain in good working conditions years. Students are taught how to be responsible for their devices by protecting both its hardware and software through the use of well-padded protective cases and likely software glitches to avoid.

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5. Value for money: Quality education is expensive, but it is pathetic to spend so much money on school fees without seeing commensurate improvement. With the Skool Media initiative, students are equipped with the necessary tools that will help them become world class scholars. The tablets are kitted with educational content—class notes, explanatory videos and illustrations, past questions—all making the students better.


Ogechi Obidiebube studied Mass Communication at the University of Lagos.  The professionally trained broadcaster and skilled writer is a specialist in producing quality voice-overs, social media marketing, content writing, and other artsy needs.

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