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7 Reasons Why Ladies Prefer Dating Older Men


As young girls most of us fantasized about landing really hot rich dudes who knew just how to treat a lady right,; you know those kind of guys who just leave smiling and humming Rihanna’s – ‘Only Girl in the World’ song in delicious delight.  We wanted guys who would scoop us out and show us off to their friends blah, blah… But as some of us grew older; the answer dawned – most of all, we just wanted a partner, one who would love and adore us forever and why not? Wondering why some women love older men? Check out   reasons:

More established – Although younger men can be more fun, with an older guy you’ve got security and what can be more attractive than that huh? Yes he’s career/business wise and you need not worry about the future.


Deep conversation – Older guys carry on intellectual conversation with ease, they’re more versed and talk can spin however you want and you don’t have to start down playing your intellect.  Striking a conversation with them challenges you want to become better.

Treats you like a lady – Older guys are well mannered and know how to make you feel special. No eyes rovering disrespectfully on the curves of other ladies, no silly jokes and judging you based on your past. Nice!


Sexual experience – This is one great reason we just love; they’ve had tons of experience and know how to do you right, need I explain? I don’t think so. You get to enjoy from their “wealth of experience.”

It’s more daring! And that’s exciting – Society frowns but everyone stares and that’s incredibly sexy – There’s nothing more sexy than the “forbidden”

More mature and secure – Older men are less intimidated and don’t feel the pressure/ need to impress, which can misleading. He understands better and knows how not to do things that will piss you off.


Ready to commit – Most times they’re done with fun and put their all in making the relationship work. They place higher value on family and commitment, basically things that really matter., Plus, if you want that ring on your finger real quick, this is the easy way *wink*


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