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6 Surprising Ways To Cure That Headache


Because life can be pretty stressful, headaches, migraines inclusive are extremely common and as a way of escape, most of us often tend to pain killers to dull the pain; but thing is, if overused these drugs can lead to serious health problems. When you have a headache, know that your body’s trying to tell you something. Check out 6  tricks you can use to cure that headache:

Drop those some pounds; Carrying extra baggage can make your head pound, not good


Birth control pill: Women placed continually on birth control pills testify it totally helps.

Birth Control Pill Container --- Image by Beathan

Exercise; light aerobics; Resist the urge to fold yourself in  the pain; talk a stretch, walk or swim … helps get rid of that stubborn headache.


Massage: A good massage on the temples help bring temporary relief


Drink tons of water: it helps detoxify. Water and health = perfect health tip

clean water


Ice pack: Apply an ice pack to the painful part of your head; forehead, temples or the back of your neck and watch it do the magic.



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