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“…Drink exceptionally good coffee always and everywhere” – My Coffee Shop


You’d be surprised how much coffee Nigerians consume on a daily basis. HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE correspondents, Odunayo Adeneye & Kikelomo Onigbanjo had a chat with one of the Managing Partners of My Coffee Shop and she revealed how much Nigerians love to consume the thick, flavoured, black-coloured substance-COFFEE! Excerpts:


TATYANA: I am running My Coffee Shop together with my partner and friend. Our names are Tatyana and Liliya. We are both from Ukraine, though staying in Nigeria at the moment, so as to understand how to run business here correctly. We both have higher education as graduates from universities. We studied in Kiev, Ukraine.

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HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:  What Prompted You To Start This Business?

TATYANA: Lagos is one of the biggest economic and industrial centres of the world, a megapolis, and place where different cultures, traditions, habits and customs from all over the world meet together. You can find a number of nice places where you can try various cuisines from the national Nigerian pepper soup, Italian ravioli to Japanese sushi. At the same time, you can hardly find a place where you can enjoy real coffee. We identify our mission as follows: to bring to Lagos new fashion, new trend, and new habit – to drink exceptionally good coffee always and everywhere.

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HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:  What Is The Business Modus Operandi?

TATYANA: We opened 2 months ago; therefore it is too early to make any conclusions. Nevertheless, we’ve had almost 3000 clients visit our tiny place during this period. Clients like our place, majority of them come back and bring their friends and family that also become our clients, that is how our clientele grows and we feel extremely happy.

HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:  Briefly Describe the Kind Of Coffee You Make?

TATYANA: We take a classic habit to drink coffee and shape it in new form. You can try various coffee drinks with flavour of chocolate, caramel, orange, ginger, etc…to find your favourite one and get in love with it. And have you ever tried salted coffee? No? Then come to us! Of course, you can enjoy other drinks like teas, fresh juice, smoothie, lemonade.

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TATYANA: Yes we do. You need to try our famous croissant with salmon or turkey breast sandwich. Otherwise, you can enjoy your time with cup of coffee and pastry to your choice. We develop unique concept whereby, you can try dessert of different origin in one place: from famous Nigerian banana bread to French miller feuille, Italian panna cotta and many others.

HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:   How Many Coffee Shops Do You Have In Nigeria?

TATYANA: One branch

HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:  What Are The Challenges You Have Faced?

TATYANA: Our main challenges are mostly related to importation of the products. Though, we aim to use as much localyl produced stuff as possible, unfortunately lots of items are simply not available in local markets.


HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:  So, Talking About the Business, How Has It Been So Far, Considering the Economy?

TATYANA: It is not easy. But we are optimists seeing the opportunity in every difficulty (smiles…)

HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:  What Business Background Do You Have?

TATYANA: Combining our backgrounds (mine and my partner), we are good to take any challenge as we have excellent expertise in economic, finance, management, logistics as well as food and catering services business.

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HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:  How Do You Deal With Sanitary Inspectors/Environmental Enforcement Agencies?

TATYANA: We are absolutely compliant with all local regulations, therefore we don’t have any issues at all.

HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:  Instead Of Running A Food Business, What Would You Have Rather Done?

TATYANA: I am happy with what I am doing

HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:  Do You Have Any Other Business Apart From This, And Do You Plan To Expand?

TATYANA: We have big plans


HAPPENINGS MAGAZINEHow Is The Nigeria Economy Affecting You Personally?

TATYANA: I don’t feel like talking this subject here

HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE:  After A Hard Day’s Work, How Do You Let Off Steam?

TATYANA: Can be of different types: dinner with family; meeting with friends; tennis or simply go to bed to see my sweet dreams (smiles…)

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