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8 things you must take note of when meeting social media ‘friends’ for the first time


According a Facebook user Esame Nkim, who shared the story, these boys were arrested on Wednesday for allegedly posing as ladies on Facebook and then raping two unsuspecting ladies. Read the story below:


“This is happening live in my place of work. The picture of the boys below this write-up used female names and pictures to make friends with some girls on Facebook. The innocent girls were invited to meet with the supposed “friend”, when the girls got to the address at no. 1 Atekong in Calabar. The boys handed their phone to a girl to go bring in the girls. As soon as the girls entered the house the girl who ushered them in disappeared. The two girls were raped by five boys, videotaping their acts and later asked the girls to pay them 30k or the video will be uploaded to the net. They showed the girls clips from their escapades with other girl s and how much they paid. As the girls went out in search of the money, they decided reporting the case to law enforcement agents and they were picked up. Beware of who you add as friends!”

This is one of many cases of ladies being lured by dubious social media ‘friends’ and being robbed, raped and killed. It should not be taken lightly the precautionary measures to be taken to avert as much as possible a repeat of such incidents. Here are 8 things you must take note of when meeting someone from social media physically for the first time.

Find out as much information as possible about them


Well, this may not be as much help as people tend to falsify information they put up/out on social media so …

Avoid disclosing so much vital information about yourself

silent treatment

If you feel comfortable enough to meet with the person, find a public place to do so – no homes, secluded or unfamiliar areas


Before you head out, set up your smartphone to share your location with your friends or family. 


Even better, take someone along!


They would have your back and possibly give you a second opinion of the person.

Use an uber to get to your destination.

Orente meme STV 1

You don’t want to get trapped in a moving vehicle with no where to run just in case things go south.

Don’t agree to sudden plan changes


For instance, you agreed to meet up someplace and an hour to the meet he/she changes the venue or plan, please bail! Demand to set up another meeting date and place of your choosing.

In addition, don’t stray from the initial plan.


Have an exit strategy

It’s important to have an exit plan just in case something goes wrong. Place your friends or sibling on standby so they can get to you as quickly as possible. Go with a taser or some small weapon to fight them off.

Meeting people online can be dangerous, but that doesn’t stop us from trying. Just keep your mind, eyes and ears open enough to spot the signs screaming DANGER!

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