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Guys Get In Here! We’d Like To Set You Up On A Blind Date!


If you are a SINGLE man in Lagos with a job or meaningful  enterprise, somewhat middle-class lifestyle, and ready to meet someone special…

Happenings Radio will like to sponsor you on a date.

The only thing is… we get to choose the woman for you.

It’s a Blind Date.

Your lunch and comfort will be our responsibility on D-day.

Afterwards you can tell us what you think of the date and your thoughts on the venue.

Your date will happen at COFFEE HOUSE in Lekki. They’ve got more than just coffee. You can find everything at Coffee House- appetiser, main course and dessert.

We are looking for TEN men.

So if you fit this status, send your profile (name, age, occupation, picture) + a few lines on your kind of woman to: info@happenings.com.ng

Stay logged on to #HappeningsRadio 24/7 www.radio.happenings.com.ng

Let’s make some magic! 😍😍😍

Do share so SINGLE men on your friends’ list can participate.

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