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8 Real Struggles Only Teachers Will Understand


Although being a teacher is actually hard… work in reality, most people tend to think of it as a “lazy man’s job” where the teacher does absolutely nothing but sit on his butt all day making jokes/ chatting up kids and passing on knowledge which he already has locked up in his brain, how easy is that?. Think it’s all smooth for teachers? 8 ridiculous struggles every teacher contends with:

Coming up with a pretty convincing answer when a kid asks you a difficult question that you definitely don’t know the answer to – “How am I supposed to know – I’m just a teacher, not a genius! These kids be embarrassing somebody up and down! I’ve got a reputation to protect!”


Dealing with stubborn kids who would never ever do their homework regardless of how much you threaten them; Aren’t children supposed to get scared? Totally beats me!


Dealing with annoying parents who take the easy way out and help their kids do their homework literally and scattering their writing so their cover isn’t blown –Since when did Junior become a genius??? Parents sef, you cannot respect your old age “

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Speaking to the wind is pretty constant; Explaining the same thing for the umpteenth time but guess what?  it’s pretty obvious no one’s even listening. “Hello… Anyway, if you like learn, if you like… Don’t come and kill me before my time.”


Dealing with kids who don’t just get anything into their skull no matter how hard you try – “Just breath…breath… remember she’s just a kid”



Having face to face “meetings” with “bossy” parents who believe their kids are saints who should not be touched regardless of their sins – The never ending drama…


Dealing with the “know- it – alls” whose confidence entrusted in your care, should never be broken – “You stand there encouraging their show of “ego” when all you want to do it say – Zip it mister, you just need to chill!”



Dealing with outright brats who boldly disrespect you and wanting to shove them in the throat but all you are permitted to do is smile – “Shey you don’t know your mate again abi? Small children don’t even have respect anymore!”



Nil privacy/ Hiding your social media account – You and students on social media = sworn enemies for life; paths just never cross, ever! “In essence so somebody cannot come and have a social life again because I’m a teacher abi? ”




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