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7 Things Happy People Do before hitting the bed every night


Although everyone looks forward to a pleasant time in bed when you just let go, relax and snooze off, achieving this might not come quite easily, so of course different folks have different night routines; sitting on the coach watching your favourite movie till sleep comes calling, chilling with some light snack or simply just clinging to your phone like your whole life depends on it because – lord knows a lot of interesting stuff went by while your head was buried in work. 7 things happy people do before hitting the bed;

Meditate; clear their head of worries, look for ways to get better results and forgive themselves for mistakes made.


Read / plan /analyse; Happy people read books that motivate and inspire them; they wake up rejuvenated and ready to conquer.



Reflect; closing your eyes and thinking about things you’ve been able to achieve helps you fall asleep with good thoughts.


Relax; bubble bath, watch tv…whatever you hobbies are do it! Indulging in them in your downtime makes you happy.


Eat or drink healthy snacks – Little healhty snacks like fruits …. but ditch those burgers, chocolate and basically junk food.


Light exercise; no weightlifting or all strenuous execrcses; doing light exercises such as stretching will make you relax.


Create that atmosphere
Going to bed can become a nice ritual that brings you joy. Listen to a couple of relaxing songs or whatever…just create that blissfulness you crave for and in no time you’ll be in the dream world.





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