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6 Ways Your Taste In Guys Can Change As You Get Older


Getting older changes pretty much every aspect of our being; from the type of food we eat, to our sense of fashion, music, yes, it gets a whole lot deeper – even our partner preference! As young girls most of us often found ourselves falling “head over heels” for the bad boys… the mysterious smooth talkers who knew just the right buttons to press to make that heart flutter… But somehow a few years down the line and the story changed dramatically no doubt; 6 ways it changed;

1. Bad boys are traded for the more homely ones


Although not everyone has this story to tell, most of us dumped the tattoo loving, nose piercing bad boys for the serious bookish ones. No longer did we feel so enveloped in their mystery and magnetic aura, frankly speaking, didn’t hold much captivation anymore. We realized one truth -bad boys know how to play ball with our hearts and this, was one hell of a wakeup call

2. Your Interests Have Changed

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Times have changed and you look in the mirror and somehow you see a now cooler version of yourself which has no doubt influenced the things that make you happy. No longer do you hit the clubs with music blasting your eye drums pretty hard every other night. From your type of music, mode of dressing and now, type of guy, times have surely changed- now you prefer the corporate dressed collar long sleeved kind of guys to the baggy loving, ear piercing dudes- Who would have thought?

3. Almighty Abs? Not really


The younger you would literarily drool over a well-built gorgeous hunk, you would have given your all just so he would he love you and that’s pretty understandable. But now, while it’s totally undeniable that those abs have a special place in your heart, that’s certainly not the ultimate ticket to your heart as other “more relevant” characteristics, take centre stage.

4. Your Future takes utmost importance


Let’s be honest, the teen phase comes with tons of mistakes which affects our choices in partners at that point. Then, you get carried away with the superficial… Your relationships tend to be more physical based and as long as he’s a looker, no one could ever be more perfect. But looking back now you wonder what in the world you were thinking dating someone clearly wasn’t headed anywhere in the first place.

5. Totally done with players

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Putting up with players and time wasters? Those days are long gone! Thankfully, you’re a whole lot smarter now who no longer lets everything slide simply because they’re hot. Now you realise the painful truth – Players can never be tamed. So instead you only invest energy in more quality relationships so you don’t get played. And even when you stick with players, there’s no denying you know what you’re up for – “Enjoy it while it lasts”, becomes your motto.

6. Personality now holds a major attraction for you

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Let’s be honest here, although way back then, we kind of liked nice boys who would help out with our homework/test, dating them didn’t come into the equation. They belonged to the friend zone for life! Lol…Most of us went for the really cute/popular ones and never bothered about personality. But we you get older, we realised that although physical appearance indeed does matter, there’s so much more than that -Personality actually matters so much more. Now you go for deeper type of guys with substance….and lots of love, ready to love you for you and spoil you silly, instead of ending up with a certain someone who thinks he’s a gift who deserves to be worshipped.

Now you’re a lot wiser, so live, love and most importantly, stay happy!


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  1. Oh wow, growing older does really change us and our preferences. I totally agree.
    I dated just one guy the whole of my teenage life, the cute/popular guy who was playing with my heart.lol.

    Now, personality trumps everything else o. I nor fit shout. I still like cute guys but who cute epp?

  2. Even though I am currently not looking out but I’d go with personality anyday.Personality gives you some assurance that the person you are with isn’t going to fritter away money on perming his hair, buying unnecessary clothing items and any other frivolities just to impress people when you have not paid the rent or even the child’s fees.
    As we age, we prefer someone who is reliable. Someone who can at least have the nerve to make a clean break with you, not some kiss and tell casanova.

  3. Exactly!!!! Nneka! Someone who’s reliable, can make a clean break and who’s not a kiss and tell Casanova! It is so hard to find guys who do not kiss and tell these days.
    I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Before nko my sister. Kiss and tell is so annoying. What is even more annoying is stringing me along. Grow some balls and tell me when you are done. Don’t let me keep making a fool of myself and have people mocking me behind my back.

  4. Hahhah…them think say na only them sabi kiss and tell? I wish we could grow those nerves to also sham them…that way, they’d learn to stick their mouhs in places they oought.
    Tell them about their pencil-sized bananas…them go shut up by force!

  5. I kinda noticed the older you get the less perturbed you are..
    In those newly wedded days if you see or catch you throw tantrums, nag, fight, verbal abusers and much more but when you are hitting the menopausal age and the kids don dagba * wetin concern Ojukwu with shaving stick?

    My people go say “na so you wan do na him you no tell me since”
    Just play it nice and slow.. Like nothing is happening.
    You only live once so when any opportunity crops up..
    Pray for the lord to take control(smiling)

  6. So so true oh.
    I had a boyfriend for the first time,after my secondary school and it felt like the best thing that happened to humanity after agege bread (can you beat that…..lol).
    But thinking about it now, I feel like hiding my head in the sand and remain there hehehehe (abeg no ask me for details).

    I’m glad for the mistakes made back then, it has helped me to be more smarter in knowing what I should look for in a relationship.

    Thank God all that is in the past now.


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