Home Lifestyle #TodayInHistory: National Arts Theatre, Home Of Performing Arts Officially Opened!

#TodayInHistory: National Arts Theatre, Home Of Performing Arts Officially Opened!


A walk down memory lane this day September 30;

2014 –  United States, the CDC announces the first case of EVD in America, Dallas, Texas. The anonymous Liberian patient (later confirmed as Thomas Eric Duncan)  died ten days after landing the united States on October 8, 2014.


1997  – Microsoft Corp releases Internet Explorer 4.0

1991 – Jerry Springer’s tabloid talk show “The Jerry Springer Show” debuts

2005 – Eisner resigns as Disney CEO ; Michael Eisner resigns as the chief executive officer of the Walt Disney Company. During Eisner’s 21-year tenure with Disney, he helped transform it into an entertainment industry giant.

1976 – The National Arts Theatre, primary centre for the performing arts formely opened by the then Head of State Olusegun Obasanjo, though it had been in use since 1975.

1999 – The Universal Basic Education is launched by the then President Olusegun Obasanjo in Sokoto State.


A glimpse of notable happenings on this day September 30.


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  1. The Universal Primary Education Board had been of help many pupils of primary school age across the country. This board started with noble intentions.
    But the way things are now, leaves more to be desired.

    Take a walk to any govt UPE school. And weep.
    Start with the pupils. Their uniforms are more like rags. The one behind my house which I over look from my window, is a sick joke. These pupils come to school barefooted. Some, with slippers of different ‘legs’. Their uniforms, dirty and threadbare. With stitches all over.

    Their teachers do not care. As a mater of fact, school is a business centre where each teacher tries to outdo the other in her sales of buscuits and zobo and candies. Ecah morning, they do same thing. Recite some crammed ‘state and Capital’ and the likes.

    And who blames the teacher? When they’re owed months of salaries. How can they work effectively?

    I wish something id done to revamp our primary schols. This is the basic foundation. A child wh has Primary/Nursery school messed up, hardly does well in secondary school. Its a sad reality. Thats why we have loads of graduates that cannot differentiate your from you’re, am from I’m, etc. Its sad.

  2. One question though- why always Liberia?

    Weldone Michael Eisner, Disney is indeed an entertainment giant now. I especially love that they’re changing that narrative of helpless princesses who can only be saved by princes.
    I like that these Oyibo people also know when they’re work is done, when they need to pass on the baton and take a bow.

    I would looooove to visit our National Arts Theatre. Someday..

  3. True talk Esther,true and sad. I was involved in a project last year that sought to improve the educational standards in Nigerian public primary schools. We volunteered to teach, form reading clubs and sourced for funds to build libraries, new classroom blocks, make repairs and supply basic school materials.
    Sadly, there’s only so much an NGO can do. In this case, Beyond the classroom foundation. I deeply commend their work o.

    Government really needs to take this up however cliche it may sound.
    You cannot compare a pupil from a public primary school with that from a private primary school. The gap is HUGE.

  4. UBE is a noble project but like all few noble ideas Nigeria comes up with, it is not well implemented. Public schools have even further deepened the gap in our society by the NO education they provide for our children. It is free for them to learn nothing. Yes, some private schools are doing poorly as well, I mean with the amount of money parents pay.
    What I find worse is that even with the UBE many children don’t even go to school. Isn’t that heart wrenching? How can we move forward as a nation this way? We can’t light our path with ignorance

    Elizabeth you and your team and other NGOs who work on similar projects are doing very well. However, if the government isn’t committed to a course, there’s only so much the private hands can do.

    All over the world government commitment is needed to ensure sustainability of any project. I have worked on a Maternal and child health project and it is the same attitude.

  5. in my angst, I forgot to even talk about the other news items. Disney is an example of how to grow a business and sustain it with new ideas turning it into an international desire. Many kids will appreciate being taken to Disney land.

    I always remember salt and water bath and sanitizer each time i hear Ebola. Who remembers that CNN mislabelled Niger as Nigeria? This is to tell you how quick;ly they attribute negative things to us.

  6. The National Theatre Iganmu seems to be living in its past glory. This is an Edifice that was built in 1976 to host FESTAC77(FESTIVAL OF ARTS AND CULTURE) which brought the whole of Africa to Lagos hence the Festac was also built to house the participating countries but it seems Silver Bird Cinemas and a whole lot of others have overtaken the National Theatre. People don’t like going there,movies dont get Premiered there,even when shows a put at 500naira to attract people th we place remains scanty.
    I sincerely hope this Masterpiece does not go to waste like Nitel.

    We thank God that we were able to combat the dreaded Ebola virus in Nigeria which claimed some notable lives in the process. I pray for their souls to rest in the bossom of the Lord while hoping that their names will not be forgotten.

    Jerry Springer Show is 25??!! Wow!
    I use to enjoy watching the show but it wasn’t seeming real anymore.. This show has really made Jerry Springer one of the most famous talk show hosts in the United States.

    Walt Disney is known world over and has been watched in millions of homes all over the world. Those who can afford it go to Disneyland in the United States. Parents the world over will forever be grateful to the creators of Walt Disney.

    Has the Universal Basic Education stood the test of time? Wouldn’t it be proper to count it amongst the forgotten projects?
    Has the aim in which it was set up been achieved?
    (Nodding my head).

  7. Ebola brings back memories of the selfless sacrifice of Dr Stella to this country. I’ve been wondering how it would have turned out. May the soul’s of those who lost their lives to the virus rest in peace.
    I wish someday that same fervour used in containing the virus would be applied to other aspects of our economy.

    The National Theatre is really living in its past glory. But why are we like this nah? No accountability, no consistency. …..our leaders do as they please(I have an headache already) I don tire Abeg.

    Same goes with the UBE scheme. No maintenance, no structure in place to check and make people accountable. Haba!

    And Jerry Springer show,I still don’t understand it’s essence but then,what do I know. Happy 25 yesrs anniversary to your show sir.

    Internet explorer’s 19 years. Moving from grace to grace. Well done!


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