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6 Signs You’re Not Ready For A Serious Relationship!


Love may be simple but it’s all shade of complicated; sometimes you just want to keep things causal and fun without making any serious commitment – no strings attached, try as you may, you just don’t see them as “long term” , even though they seem perfect and you obviously love being in a relationship with them. Sounds familiar? While many of us might want to be in a relationship, our needs differ; if a partner wants casual, stating it right from the start is important so hearts don’t get broken unnecessarily from disappointment. Wondering where you belong – Fling or all the way, 6 signs;

1. You think you haven’t dated enough people


If you feel it’s too much of a burden to commit to an exclusive relationship, because you’re obviously going to be missing out on the fun out there and settling down with a particular person would do nothing but restrict your options and demand experience which you feel you are obviously lacking, then that’s a sign you aren’t just ready yet.

2. Ex woes


Trying to move on has been real difficult and those lovely moments which you both shared together somehow have refused to leave your memory. Your ex reigns supreme in your head, while your present just helps you pass time. If “issues” aren’t resolved, you’ll just end up hurting your present lover, nobody deserves to be a substitute or a distraction. Fix yourself first – drop the past before taking someone on the journey to the future.

3. You feel you’re not just compatible


Your feelings aren’t the problem, you obviously love your partner but somehow something just doesn’t feel right. It’s obvious you’re two different people but these differences rather than attract you, annoy you. You look in the future but the picture doesn’t just quite fit.

4. You’re too independent


The mere idea that you always have to be “under” someone who will care about your whereabouts is a major put off. You love me time too much and even though you enjoy being with them, you love your freedom way too much to give it up.

5. Serial dating


You’re a serial dater who always falls in love. At first you love everything about your date and can’t just seem to get enough of them, but sure enough, after the infatuation passes, you just can’t stand them. The dumping cycle goes round and round.

6. Emotionally unavailable


Talking about your feelings isn’t your forte. You just don’t like the thought of sharing your feelings. The idea of being in a relationship doesn’t put you off or anything, but thing is other things have top priority than being in a relationship for you. This often leads to breakup – no one loves to feel they are not wanted.

The road to happiness is all about listening to your inner being; don’t go in full swing because you feel pressured, do it because you want to.


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