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#TodayInHistory: End Poverty – It’s International Poverty Eradication Day!


A look at the highlights this day October 17;

1979 – Mother Teresa of India, awarded Nobel Peace Prize


2006 – Actor Wesley Snipes was indicted for cheating the US government out of nearly $12 million in false refund claims and not filing for 6 years. On Feb 1, 2008, a federal jury in Florida acquitted Snipes (45) of the most serious charges but convicted him on 3 of 6 lesser charges and said he must pay up to $17 million in back taxes plus penalties and interest.

1998 – A fuel pipeline explosion believed to have been caused by vandals kills over 500 people in Jesse Delta State, it is believed the death toll could have reached 1000.

1995 – Foremost Nigerian  Nigerian playwright and poet Wole Soyinka, then a lecturer is declared Wanted by the police over an incident at the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation in Ibadan


Black Poetry Day – celebrates the importance of black heritage and literacy and the contributions made by black poets. It is a day to appreciate black authors.


International Poverty Eradication Day – Celebrated throughout the world, this day is aimed at creating awareness of the importance of access to health, education and other essential services.


There, a glimpse into the past on this day October 17.

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  1. The level of poverty in Nigeria alone is getting out of hand. It is even more annoying to note that the rich are getting richer whilst the poor are getting supersonicly poorer!

    We hope that as we mark International Poverty and Eradication Day our leaders will map out ways to Eradicate poverty in Nigeria if not totally at least to the barest minimum.


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