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Should You Care What People Think About You?


It’s human nature to want to be liked and accepted by everyone, however this need to be liked leads many into worrying excessively and doing too much just to get a nod of approval from others, and too often it affects their lives negatively. But while some still struggle with self validation, others have gotten past all that pettiness and moved on with their businesses. To seek public opinion, Happenings Magazine correspondent, Kikelomo Onigbanjo, hit the streets to find out from Nigerians the worst names they have ever been called and how they dealt with it.


Saka Yusuf: “There was a time I used to be bothered about what people thought about me. It was when someone told me that I only thought of myself alone and no other person that I decided not to bother about what people say or think about me.”


Lanre Ajibola: “I don’t know and I am not bothered about what anybody decides to say about me. They can say anything they like about me, as long as I am not in their space or disturbing them in any way. This life is too short to think about stuff like that.”


Fatima Ogunrinde: “Well… the worst thing I have ever heard in my life about myself was that I am stingy; just because I decided to invest some money to do a particular business, someone I called my friend decided to tell another friend that I was stingy, because I decided not to lend her money.”


Temitope Olufemi: “I have been called a lot of names, but the worst name I was called is ‘wanna be’. I was called that name because I decided to dump fake friends and move with people that add a lot of value to my life. This incident really pained me; it made it clearer why I had to do away with friends like that though.”


Joshua Adeyanju: “I don’t really listen to things like that, but I think the worst thing anyone can say to me is that I am living a fake life. That allegation is the worst thing anybody can hear on this earth. How can someone open his or her mouth to accuse someone of living a fake life?”


Judith Aibangbee: “I have been in that situation several times where I have heard a lot of bad things said about me. Were they true? No! Was I bothered? Yes, I was bothered. And things like these are always said by your close friends.”

Precious Nana: “One thing I have seen so far is that you can never please the world. You can only do your bit and leave. I am someone that as much as possible try to be good to people, they still go ahead, saying all sorts about me. I have decided to develop a thick skin to things like that.”


Olatunji Mustapha: “The worst name I have been called would probably be a player by my girlfriend’s best friend. I’m sure it is because she really liked me and I did not like her back. She went to her friend, saying all sorts of things about me. My girlfriend too decided to break up with me. It’s all good.”


Sunday Lopi: “If I am good to people and they say bad things about me, whether I am there or not, I am never bothered. As long as my conscience is clear and I am at peace within myself. Sure it would affect me at that particular time, but I would get over it.”


Marcus Aduji: “Of course I would be bothered! I wouldn’t say that I am someone that lives on compliments or good words from people, but I would sure be bothered if I hear bad things about me. I guess the worst thing I have ever been called was a cultist when I was in school.”


Adesewa Adetola: “There is a thin line between saying bad things about people and gossiping. The solution is just for people to stop gossiping. The worst thing I probably would have heard about myself is that I am too uptight.”


Cynthia Udeyi: “I am not bothered about things like that, because anybody can say anything they feel and anybody is entitled to their own opinion. I guess the worst name I have ever been called in my life is that I am too materialistic, because I work hard to be able to afford good things for myself.”


Uju Gabriels: “I do not talk bad about people; I don’t know why they should talk bad about me. The worst name I have been called? I guess that should be money-loving and nonchalant about people’s feelings but me.”

Yeah… being called names is so disheartening. What negative names have you been called before and how did you deal with it?

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