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Hey Oyinda, What’s in your bag?


From the everyday knock-about which contains all ‘odds and ends’, the clutch used for special occasions to the shoulder bag which gives a  chick effect to the general look of a lady, you would agree with me that bags are important. Today, we would be examining the contents of Oyinda Olapoju’s bag. Oyinda is an Events Planner cum makeup artiste. Without further ado, let’s go!


Utility Purse containing foundation, face powder, mascara, nail polish and lip gloss: I am always on the run, so I often need to touch up my makeup. The bag always comes in handy.

Charger: I have to take my charger everywhere I go because my phone battery can die anytime and if I am not with my charger, it would be a really terrible situation.

Shower cap: For the rain; it just falls anyhow these days without giving any notice. The shower cap will prevent the rain from at least getting to my hair.

Sun shades: The sun is as unstable as the rain, so I have to keep the shades inside my bag just to be ready when I go under the sun.

Wipes: The wipes are to clean a client’s face before we can begin the makeup process. I also use it to clean my face sometimes.

Hairbrush: Well, sometimes my weaves get so rough even before I get home, so I have to brush them down. A girl has got to look good…

There you have it! Can you guess what Oyinda’s bag says about her?



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