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What’s in your bag Lady?


The most unique thing about individuals is their personality, and this shows even in the contents of their bags. A typical example is our personality for today, Tobi Arogbokun. Tobi is an accountant and a nursing mother. According to her, “I don’t need to carry many things with me; my baby’s load is enough on its own. That is why I carry only my basic needs”. So what does she have in her bag? Let’s find out.


Bible: It belongs to my baby; he loves it being read to him and he loves the pictures there. I carry it with me everywhere I go for sentimental reasons I guess.

Keys: My car key, house key and the keys to my drawer at work. These keys are really important for me to carry around, especially the keys to my drawer. This is because I handle money at work.

Chewing gum: I hate bad breath and I prevent it as much as possible. I have always been a lover of chewing gum so I carry one or two with me everywhere I go.

Money: As a nursing mother emergencies can come up anytime, so cash has to be at hand. I cannot even imagine myself not having cash with me. It would be disastrous!

Lip gloss: I am not really a makeup person; just powder and lip gloss and I’m done. But I keep this lip gloss and I apply it every time because I may need to go out and meet clients.

As you can see, Tobi did not have so many things in her bag… can you tell what kind of person Tobi is?

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