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What’s the most ridiculous lie you’ve ever been told?


Everyone has told a lie no matter how small they consider it. To some it has become a habit and to some others, a survival tactic in their social circles. Certain lies are considered little white lies – these may pass off unnoticed, but a few others would set off your truth alarms even from a mile away because well… they are outrightly ridiculous! A couple of people share with us the most ridiculous lies they’ve ever been told and they are so hilarious!

Correspondence by Kikelomo Onigbanjo




Hadiza Musa: “My ex-boyfriend is an engineer. I saw a pair of female sandals in his car and I asked him about it, he said he now sells female sandals. I kept quiet. When we got home, I saw female panties in his bathroom and I asked him again, he said that’s also part of his new business venture, female sandals and undies! I was weak…”


Tobi Aramide: “This guy told me I was the first girl he was taking home to meet his mum. When we got to his house, his sister confronted him and told him not to bring any more girls into the house again, that she was tired of keeping up with his girlfriends. The look on his face was priceless. He froze seriously.”


Becky Jacobs:  “After sleeping with my best friend, my ex-boyfriend confessed to me that he did not go all the way with her; he put ‘just the tip’. I wanted to slap him. Really? Just the tip? Who even says that in this day and age?”


Ebiere Ebi: “I talked on phone all night with this guy; he told me he was not spending the night in his house. I went to his house the next day unannounced (I have the keys) only to meet his supposed ex-girlfriend on the bed in her nightie. When I asked him what she came to do there, he said she came to charge her phone. I did not know whether to cry or laugh, I just left the place.”


Tessy Braimoh: “A guy I was dating once told me he cannot put me on his social media because ‘the relationship is too beautiful and perfect and I would like to keep our privacy’. Three months later, he got married and the lady he was getting married to is an Instagram celebrity.”


Feranmi Olusegun: “She said her body count was two, and the two were with her serious boyfriends. Meanwhile, aunty is a cheerful giver. She has already serviced all my friends. I guess I was the last man standing.”


Deji Bajowa: “Girls lie too much, especially with this butt pad of a thing. Why on earth would you add an extra padding to your buttocks? Really I see no reason for that because when you remove the butt pad the whole thing still comes down to the same thing.”


Adaora Okoye: “The greatest lie of all time is ‘It’s the devil’ hello o! You impregnated your house girl and you gave wife STD, yet you are blaming the devil! Was it the devil that made you have unprotected sex with two ladies at the same time? Please find another lie!”


Faith Okenye: “I have heard too much lies from guys in this life. Let me see…I think top on the list are ‘my mum says hi’, ‘baby my car broke down’ – meanwhile he does not even have a car. ‘She is my cousin’ meanwhile she is his bedmate. The list is endless.”


Gbenga Imogere: “When I was in secondary school, a girl said that her father built a house. When they went for the house opening, she lay down on the bed and the roof of the house fell on her head. Apparently, she wanted to use the excuse to go home on sick leave. She was not granted the leave though.”


Cynthia Powell: “To me, the greatest lie of all time is ‘I love you’. It has opened a lot of hearts and a lot of legs to some guys who don’t even know the meaning of what they are saying. They just throw it around carelessly to girls who are desperate for love.”


Dada Olaoye: “A girl lied that she was sick in the hospital. I rushed down there and saw her receiving drip. I even paid the hospital bills. When I went home to get her some food, some of my friends came over and invited me to a party. To my surprise I saw her there with another guy. I went to her and asked her how she felt. She was so shocked! She played herself.”


Tolulope Bamisedun: “There was a guy I was dating one time. He put up a girl’s picture on his Instagram page and tagged her as ‘boo’. When I confronted him about it; he said she was involved in a gas explosion. One week later, his cousin got married. The girl was at the party, looking so fine. Guys lie too much.”


Luke Wilson: “I had a neighbour who was an unrepentant yahoo boy. He lied to everybody that he was into business. A business no one knew about. He always locked himself inside his house and did ‘business’. The day they came to arrest him was not funny. Those EFCC officials were not smiling at all.”


Have you experienced ever being told a ridiculous lie? Let’s know in the comments section.

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