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5 Gross Things All Couples Do Behind Closed Doors!


Falling in love is sweet, beautiful and fun, yet super annoying; at the start of a new relationship everything appears seemingly perfect; no having to deal with bad breath, sweaty bodies or even periods …yep, every love story begins with the same old routine – keep the not so swoon-worthy aspects of you neatly sealed and tucked far far away like it totally doesn’t exist. But as time goes by, getting comfy with your partner sort of happens and with this new found comfort come a delicious combination of absolutely cute and gross moments, but hey, don’t sweat it though that’s a good sign that your relationship is pretty healthy. 5 gross things all couples do in secret;


1. Using the bathroom at the same time


Big picture; chatting away while waiting patiently for your partner who’s taking a poop in the restroom, gross huh? lol… Funny, being with your partner for a long while sort of opens you up, after all you’ve pretty much seen each other at your best and worst so there’s nothing left to hide. Reasonable huh?.

2. Farting and burping


Oops! Not cool but hey it happens. Being in a long term relationship makes you let go of your inhibitions and when nature calls sometimes, you might not find yourself running all the way to the restroom just to let it out when you could easily save yourself the stress, do it right there and then laugh it out with your partner. So yeah most couples testify with time, farting becomes a free-for-all. Don’t overdo it though, have some decency okay, not cool! Lol…


3. Popping each other’s pimples


Yuck! Lol… Just in case you find that kind of irksome, you might want to tone it down a bit because somehow it becomes part of the things you do for one another, couple’s ritual. He checks your bump, you check his, it’s love and love is reciprocal, so you have to do your bit. Lol… So checking (inspecting) each other’s face, backs and necks for pimples/ rashes is one cross you just have to bear no matter how irritating you might find the task. Eww…

4. Using the same brush/ towel


Doesn’t sound ideal right? Yup, stuff happens; there you both were planning this romantic getaway for ages, Lord knows a lot of talk and planning went into this and in the end, your partner dare forget their toothbrush??? Now you’re left with no other option but to graciously offer yours! Shoot me! Lol…

5. Kissing with morning breath


Remember those days when you used to take utmost care when visiting bae, how you make sure you’re squeaky clean and all, well it comes down a notch when you sort of get hitched; you no longer have the privilege of cleaning up real nice before your partner sets eyes on you as you wake up together, soaking in each other au naturel. Which automatically means getting to kiss not so minty fresh breath sometimes and do the do right there, bad breath and all, but hey it won’t matter to your partner. They love you any day, anytime. Lol


Deny it all you want, we bet even the most perfect couples can most definitely relate. Love is all shades of beautiful! Lol…

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