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5 Things Only Twins Can Relate To!


Being a twin is pretty awesome; Without having to deal with fake friendships and the many accompanying dramas, you’ve got a pal for life who totally knows you like no other, loves you wholeheartedly (in most cases anyway ) and annoys the hell out of you, because yes, they know just the right buttons to press to get you losing all that composure in a split second, if they feel like.  You do basically everything with this person; schooling, outings and all,  quite a unique bond shared by no other sibling. But don’t get it twisted,  it’s all smooth, being a twin also comes with some challenges; unrealistic expectations – like how everyone seems to think twins must be identical in looks and personalities – one hell of a misconception. Wondering what it’s like being a twin? 5 things only twins can understand;

1. Everyone thinks you can read each other’s mind and feel when your twin gets hurt


Like seriously, you get asked about this a whole lot and the answer of course lies in the negative. Although most twins are extremely close, and often feel bad when their partner is hurting, feeling the actual pain is no doubt an exaggeration. Yes you tend to know how your twin feels, reading their emotions by their tone of voice or look on their face but it doesn’t automatically translate to being able to read their mind, because let’s face it, twins come in the same womb, not the same body.

2. Learning to respond to someone else’s name


Identical twin? Yup you got that right. Right from the moment you and your twin pop out of the womb, your identity sort of merges with that of your twin. You get called by their names in school, by neighbours and in some cases by family members too.  So growing up bearing your twin’s name sort of sticks, you answer either.

3. Awkward moments when you’re being mistaken for your twin


Family, friends, teachers, everyone confuses you with you twin and to say the truth this can get really tiring. Sometimes, you spill your guts out trying to explain they’ve got your identities switched, other times you just play along because it’s fun or simply because you don’t want to go through the awkwardness of the situation.

4.  “Are you guys twins?” you’ve heard that question like a zillion times


Lord… it can get real tiring to hear.. Everywhere you turn particularly for identical twins, you get weird looks, like you just landed from another planet, but since you’ve been getting this a lot, you know exactly what they’re thinking. While majority of folks just tend to steal glances at you both, the more curious and daring actually work up and ask if you’re twins and it just never stops, no matter how old you get.

5. You get to deal with a lot of rude comparison


Who’s the smarter/nicer/more attractive twin? Not the most respectful of questions but hey, those are questions which whether you like it or not would get thrown at you as long as you’ve got a twin hanging in your arm. Being constantly compared to each other in basically everything can create tension and unhealthy rivalry which wasn’t meant to be in the first place; this can amount to one of the twins feeling insecure in comparison creating distance and envy in turn.

In all, regardless though the many dramas and all, being a twin is all shades of awesome!




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