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5 Unexpected Moments That Actually Bring You Closer as a Couple


It’s pretty easy to profess undying love for your partner when the going is all smooth, but when a seemingly unending rough patch submerges and the honeymoon phase is given a cold dose of reality, it’s a different ball game entirely. That’s just the way it goes, in love, the journey can’t just be all lovey dovey, challenges are bound to pop up but question is, when that happens what next? Take a flight asap or stick like glue, connect and work things out till the very end? For couples who choose the latter, those tough moments tend to bring you two closer and your relationship stronger than ever. 5 ways it can;

1. Your first real fight

Fighting sort of brings out a lot of emotions; at that point you’re not in the least bit bothered about how your partner takes what you’re saying, you blurt out any and everything including things you don’t mean. When misunderstanding happens, you just want to be heard and make them see things from your own perspective…But do you know while it might not the best of times for you both as a couple, conflict could help bring you closer? Rather than feign acceptance because you want to avoid arguments, throw things out in the open. Bottling things might seem like the safer option but it never helps because talking things over helps you both to see things from a clearer perspective, resolving misunderstandings and creating room for improvement. Being overly cautious as a couple because you don’t want to have any hitches shuts the door on communication and drives you further apart.

2. Some unavoidable time apart


Being together all the time as a couple could sort of makes you take each other’s presence for granted. Let’s face it, you don’t get to miss this person because after all they’re always around anyway, but when an unexpected trip pops up, a chance to study further, or even necessary family visits far away takes them away from you, you get to realize just how much you miss them and like being with them. Your creative juice works overboard and you start devising ways to keep the communication flow as normal as possible. When this happens for relationships with a strong trust foundation, the couple becomes closer.

3. Health scare


Scary huh? No one ever prays to go through a health scare that tears us from the one we love, when we enter into a relationship, we expect the “happily ever after ending” and once anything threatens that dream, we just tend to launch into panic mode. Sticking by the bed and watching over your loved one helps them feel closer and more secure, it makes them know you aren’t just here for the good times, you’re willing to stick around through the tough times and that’s a good thing.

4. A change


Whether a promotion, change of work or  huge project when a change occurs, often times it brings about a strain in your relationship. Adjusting to a new routine can be quite a lot to throw down your partner. With this change comes two options – go your separate ways or stick and work things out. Couples who are able to manage this phase often emerge closer.

5. The birth of a child

A head and shoulders image of an African American real father holding his newborn baby son on his chest as the mother looks on affectionately.

Amidst all the pressure and demands of raising a child, having a child can positively enhance your relationship provided both partners were in agreement to have the child in the first place. Letting your feelings known, your fears, confusion… bring you closer as a couple. Watching your partner nurture a child, makes you begin to see them in a new light. Shuffling responsibilities #TeamWork with your partner yet trying to still keep romance afloat makes your relationship much more solid in the end.

When tough moments come in your relationship, look on the bright side; the test might just be there to make you stronger.


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