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Photos: International Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria 2016


Qhue Concepts, one of the leading production companies in fashion and modeling launched the 1st and acclaimed largest International Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria. The event took place 2nd and 3rd of December 2016 at the Glitz event hall, Lekki Phase 1.

The event saw Nigerian designers as well as their international counterparts present their new and very best designs on the runway. Designers at the 2-day fashion event included, Demin Clothing (Nigeria), John Caulcrick (Nigeria), Mackaelo Designs (Nigeria), Views Clothing (Nigeria), Blaq (Nigeria), Jules James Clothing (Nigeria), Edward Tailor (Nigeria), Loyce King (Nigeria), Giifash x 2107 Couture (Nigeria), Oneney (Cote D-Ivoire), Marie Val Hagan (Ghana), Estella Couture (Nigeria), Adji Styl (Cote D’Ivoire), Big Ben Kilani (Nigeria), Joe Pagatanga (Nigeria), Sammielle (Nigeria), Quophi Akotuah (Ghana), Nuvi Creative (Cameroun), Bushai Weave Collection (Ghana), Shop Sarauniya (USA), Ayo Van Elmar, JB Hounyovi (Republic of Benin), Barros (Cote D’Ivoire), Moshions (Rwanda), Ugo Monye (Nigeria), Zango (Cote D’Ivoire), Kamsi T Charles (Nigeria), and Palse (South Africa).

This initiative marks a key development in Nigeria’s fashion landscape, and also serves to promote and showcase exceptional design and talent that exists in Africa to the world.

Other groundbreaking initiatives by Qhue Concepts  include Miss Tourism Nigeria and Mr. Universe Nigeria.

Photos below:

Giifash x 2107 Couture 

 2107-couture-8 2107-couture-37  2107-couture-41 2107-couture-45


blaq-27 blaq-28   blaq-33

John Caulcrick

caulri-5 caulri-28  caulri-32 caulri-34 caulri-36 caulri-40  caulri-42

Daffe Umute

daffe-umute-8 daffe-umute-17 daffe-umute-18

Denim Clothing

demin-1 demin-6 demin-8  demin-12 demin-14 demin-42 demin-44  demin-53 demin-56 edward-tailor-1

Edward Tailor

edward-tailor-6 edward-tailor-38 edward-tailor-40 edward-tailor-42  edward-tailor-59 edward-tailor-62

Jules James Clothing

 james-c-21  james-c-24 james-c-25 james-c-30 james-c-31  james-c-34


Loyce King

loyce-king-7 loyce-king-10 loyce-king-14 loyce-king-16 loyce-king-19 loyce-king-22 loyce-king-25 loyce-king-35 loyce-king-38 loyce-king-40 loyce-king-42 loyce-king-44 loyce-king-47 loyce-king-50 loyce-king-53  loyce-king-60  

Mackaelo Designs

makaelo-designs-7 makaelo-designs-10 makaelo-designs-15 makaelo-designs-19  makaelo-designs-24 makaelo-designs-28 makaelo-designs-33 makaelo-designs-36 makaelo-designs-40 makaelo-designs-43 makaelo-designs-46 makaelo-designs-48

Views Clothing

 views-5 views-8 views-11 views-14 views-17 views-22 views-26 views-28  views-35 views-37

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