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#HolidayShopping: Get good value for your money at Andria’s World


Beautiful and colourful! These are the appropriate words to describe Andria’s World, a world of fashion and class. Their clothing items are second to none, affordable with something for everyone! Happenings Magazine spoke with Ekae Ebiere Cherish, the Operations Manager and she shared the holiday plans for their numerous customers and projections for the New Year. Excerpts below;

Correspondence by Kikelomo Onigbanjo

My name is Ekae Ebiere Cherish. I am the General Manager of Andria’s World located at No. 5 Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island. We also have another branch on Awolowo Way, Ikeja off Afari Ogun, and another one at Lagos Island. We sell female clothing, bags and shoes. If you want to look classy, come to Andria’s world and get good value for your money.


What’s your December stock like?

Well we have new stock every week. We always have new things for sale every time. We are having a slash sale during this festive season for our clients.

What do you think are the shopping habits of Lagosians who patronise you?

Everyone wants the best. Nobody wants to get something that would not last for them. That is why at Andria’s World you are sure to get quality for money spent. The items here cannot be seen anywhere else. That is because they are really classy.


What’s your clientele like?

We really don’t have any particular set of people that come here! Our items have different price ranges so there is something for everybody. Anybody can come into Andria’s world and leave with a smile on their faces because they did some really good shopping and went home with really nice stuffs at affordable prices.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of running this kind of business?

The disadvantages are… sometimes a client buys items and then returns them some days later, saying it’s not their size or something happened to it. Sometimes we get make up stains on the clothes and we have to send them to the dry cleaner. The advantages are simple; we make money; we are expanding and doing well.

How is the dollar surge affecting the business?

The dollar surge is affecting everybody! All we have to do is to adjust and cope with it. We decided to make the best of it so that we wouldn’t sell at a loss.

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