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Single? 6 New Year’s Resolutions You Shouldn’t Make!


New Year’s resolutions; isn’t it funny how the new year comes with so much expectations and eagerness to rewrite our past mistakes and all, then somehow mid month January we find ourselves doing the exact opposite of what we’ve absolutely sworn to do! That said, truth be told New Year’s resolutions hardly ever work, brutal? Nope! Another year and you still aren’t hooked, so what? just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’ve got to change you the upcoming New year! Whatever you do, ensure you honest to God do not make these resolutions:

1. Fall in love


Don’t get it twisted; while it’s pretty reasonable to want to love and be loved, making that your ultimate goal is totally misguided, not to mention desperate. Don’t get carried away with the idea of love, instead, try to seek out more platonic and career fulfilling goals, that’s more rewarding.

2. Get in a relationship


Never get into a relationship simply because you just want to be in one. First of all, that’s a rocky foundation to build your heart on. Wanting to have someone who gets you and loves you is normal, but wanting that at your own expense when you know you obviously don’t have feelings for this person is all shades of wrong.

3. Lose weight so that “person” will notice you


Trying to lose weight or alter your body just to please someone isn’t right. A person should accept you just the way you are with the exception of health reasons. If a person loves hanging out with you only when you drop some pounds and dumps you as soon as you gain the weight back, you should not consider being with this person. Don’t do it!

4. Pinning someone who obviously doesn’t love you


Committing to getting that person who isn’t particularly into you isn’t something you should be getting your mind on. When the feeling isn’t obviously mutual, let the person go. Yes, it hurts but tying yourself with this person would be one hell of a baggage to take on. You’ll be the only one who keeps investing and working on the relationship while the other party looks on which can be quite frustrating.

5. Become less “picky”


Who says you’ve got to settle for any Tom, Dick and Harry? Who says your standards are too high? No, you don’t need to settle and no, you aren’t too picky either. Having standards is a good thing, it means you’ve got a clear vision of what you want, settling just because you want a relationship badly isn’t the way to go.

When next you think New Year’s resolutions, scratch these asap! Be single and fabulous!


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