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Want To Be A Better Dad? We’ve got you covered!


Maybe you absolutely sure as hell didn’t want to have kids, or maybe you just weren’t ready, either ways, one glaring fact remains – you’re now most certainly, without any iota of doubt, most definitely a dad and no, that didn’t just “spring up from nowhere”. That established, if changing diapers, soothing that little tot, letting go of your carefree fun life and being forced to be a “role model”- (Lord knows you feel nowhere near), is all that crosses your mind when it comes to fatherhood, that conception is nowhere accurate! Want to be a perfect dad? You can’t! But these 7 steps can help guide you on your journey;

1. Forget being a great dad

son and father

Ironical huh? But truth is there’s no such thing as being a great dad. Getting that title doesn’t necessarily equate your being able to hold your child just right or you bring able to calm your baby’s nerves. Being a great dad starts with you being a good husband, get involved with the whole pregnancy and post pregnancy. This is your ticket to becoming a great dad, like they say, great husbands make great dads. Every child needs a loving stable home. Do this and that title is guaranteed.

2. Never be too shy to tell/show your kids you love them


Yeah we get it; you’re the father so you’ve got to act like a badass just so everyone gets their acts right…No one’s disputing your leadership position/ skills, but you’ve got to tone it down a notch. Show affection or you might end up driving your own kids from you. Kids need to know they’re loved, wanted and accepted, this gives them a sense of security in the home and beyond. Get used to giving the tightest hugs and telling them just how much you love them, it goes a long way.

3. Respect Your Children’s Mother


Married? Respect your wife, this is major because how you treat their mum totally influences your kids and their perception of her in turn. A strong and healthy marriage creates a strong foundation for the home. Not married? This isn’t a go ahead to treat your baby mama like trash, whatever your issues are, sort it out because not only will you be hurting the mother of your kids, you’ll be hurting them as well.

4. Spend Time With Your Children


So you’ve got a real tight schedule and think spoiling them with all the good things life’s got to offer is more than a compensation – Reality check, not really! When it comes to family, your presence cannot be substituted/negotiated. Being with your kids had better be one luxury you afford, if not they end up feeling neglected and you lose your precious angels and when that happens, even money can’t help out. Spend quality time with them, this obviously involves some sacrifice you’ve just have to make so your kids can have some treasured memories.

5. Listen more


It’s not okay to just mete out judgement without hearing first from your kids just because you’re “the boss”,  try and hear your kids out regardless of how mad you are at them. Most times kids are too scared of their dads which isn’t good. Discipline but with love. Giving your kids a listening ear makes them feel respected and understood.  Kids need guidance and disipline not punishment. Never fail to let consequences of their actions sink, set reasonable limits and provide rewards for desirable performance.

6. Be A Role Model

father and daughter

Relax, no one’s saying you need to be a hero or perfect, you’re human and yes you make mistakes but you’ve got to consciously try to set a good example. Treat your wife and girls with love and respect and your girl will grow knowing she deserves to be treated with nothing less than respect and love by her partner and boys in general. Being a great dad to your boys involves you demonstrating honesty, humility, and responsibility.

7. Realize A Father’s Job Is Never Done


You might be fantasizing about your kids growing up, leaving home and getting out of your hair for good, but it never quite works out that way. No matter how old your children are, they will still seek your wisdom and advice. Your job as a dad is never done as you continue to play an essential part in the lives of your children no matter how old they are even if they are married with kids.

Realise you’re not just a figure in the home, you play an important in your child’s life. Embrace fatherhood!


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