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Expecting? Here’s What No One Tells You!


Tons and tons of pregnancy books, baby delivery documentaries, witnessing live births…nothing ever compares to real life personal experience of birthing your own. Holding your newborn in your arms for the first time is one overwhelming experience which can’t honestly be explained. No matter how prepared you are for the stage where you get to pop your baby out, there are just some things you wish someone told you in advance. Want a glimpse? Take a look;

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1. Your water doesn’t splatter at your feet at once


No doubt, countless movies have shown you how the said water (amniotic fluid that forms a protective sac around your baby ) just splashes all at once, it doesn’t happen that way. It’s rather a more gradual flow which feels like you’re uncontrollably peeing on yourself.  It can keep  trickling all day. So don’t think the baby’s head is automatically out there just because your water broke.

2. You feel like you have to number two


Not pretty, but thing is when you feel this way, know it’s time to start pushing. At this stage you feel like going to the bathroom because your baby has descended into your uterus, pressing and trying to get out. What you feel is best described as discomfort.

3. Contractions may be the worst part


Most of us tend to think pushing a baby out of  somewhere that small is the absolute worst, but in actual reality, contractions are much worse. From that regular feeling of menstrual cramps it takes on a whole new deeper level. Needless to say, contractions may be the most painful part of giving birth for most women.

4. You’ll probably wear a “mummy diaper”


It’s not that bad, really. A mummy diaper can be either a maxi pad or an actual diaper packed with ice and tucked into your underwear post-birth to help provide some relief. This helps deal with post-birth bleeding. So think relief when next you hear “mummy diaper.”

5. You essentially have your period for a good six weeks after birth


Since the news of your being pregnant hit you, one thing you were real glad about was not buying or using pads. Post preganacy,  you continue and no, it’s not just three to five days, you get to use it for weeks. #Necessary.

There will be days when you look back at how your whole life (and body) has changed, but through it all, being a mum is all shades of awesome! Happy Motherhood!

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