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15 Harsh Truths Every Teenager Needs To Know In 2017!


Forget the acne, being a teenager is pretty complicated! So you breezed in 2016; ran wild, screwed up big time made tons of embarrassing and stupid mistakes, plus, you ended up doing the exact opposite of what you were being told because somehow you feel quite grown with your new found sense of “self.” Ah yes, those days indeed; freedom to do whatever the hell you please! But alas, as time goes on, you’ll realise, the naked truth, for every action taken, there will be consequences and it’s all on you. Harsh? Nope, it’s called reality.  That said, although navigating your way between right and wrong might seem difficult, it is best to weigh your options carefully so in the end you make decisions that’s good for you. It’s time to man up! 15 harsh truths you need to know in 2017;

1. You’re not too young


Hate to break it to you, you aren’t too young to be responsible for your life; sure you’ve got many wonderful years ahead before you get all wrinkly but you’ve got to understand that decisions you make, play a major role in carving the future you desire. Who says you’re too young to fall in love? Yep, you can and it’s all shades of amazing, but you thing is, you can also get pregnant or impregnate that really cute girl and when that happens? Things don’t get any easier; your whole world stops at that point to father/ mother the child, not exactly a pretty picture right? Never think you’re too small/immature to handle responsibility. Parents don’t take on the world for your teens, they aren’t little anymore, let them handle some stuffs; this would make them stronger and feel more capable as adults. Responsibility helps in their path to adulthood. You can support but don’t control your teen’s life. Teens, always remember you are responsible for choices and results, make sensible and responsible decisions that would make your success journey a whole lot smoother.

2. Your parents are almost definitely not trying to ruin your life. Really


Yes, yes I know it sort of feels that way 100% of the time, but honest to god, It’s all in your best interest. Okay, so they grew up in an era of unending rules, rules, and even more rules which sort of govern their decisions, remember they mean well. They might not get you but they truly want the best for you. Your parents want to have a smoother relationship with you, don’t shut them out. Fact is, somehow they’ve got more experience than you have and although you might not agree with their methods, they mean well. Pay attention and trust them, you’ll be glad you did in the future, really.

3. There’s so much more out there than video games


While getting glued to your favourite games/ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat might seem of like the coolest deal, the world of experience waiting out there to embrace you is all shades awesome. Don’t limit yourself to the four corners of your home, there’s an entire wealth of experience out there, waiting for you to explore and discover. Hey relax, no one’s saying you should automatically dump your beloved games altogether, moderacy however is key.  The greatest experience you can offer yourself lies in the outside world – Reality.  Interact with real life folks and learn real life lessons, it will do you a world of good.

4. Comfort zone isn’t always cozy


Stepping outside your comfort zone is never easy, but hey, normal is boring anyway, besides nothing good ever comes easy. It’s great you know things you’re good at without having to rack your brain for answers, but the question is – how much fulfillment does that bring you? Take up a new challenge, dare yourself even if it doesn’t work out as expected, at least it would be worth the ride. Rather than dwelling passively in melancholy just because you’re trying to blend in, damn the world and pursue your passion, when it all works out, they’ll be the same folks giving you a well deserved standing ovation for daring to step outside the box. Step outside your comfort zone, discover new facets to your personality and say hello to a whole new world of possibility.

5. Don’t waste your life trying to please everyone, you can’t


Look on the flip side; how many people try to live their lives just to please you? – Nil? That’s right! Don’t let others pressure you into being who you’re not or what you don’t want to. Be you, don’t get worked up over people not liking you or being in total synchrony with you because truth be told, not everyone’s going to believe in your vision and as for them liking you – even if you climb the highest mountains or descend the lowest valleys it still won’t be enough to win their hearts, so don’t bother. Who cares how people perceive you, they’re entitled to their opinions, it doesn’t take away from who you are. Do what you want to do, not what everyone thinks you should. Note, it’s okay to have some haters and it’s okay to say NO! Hold this truth dear and lead a happier life.

6. Almost none of your problems actually matter


Hmm…Think battling acne, never ending assignments or not getting so much as a glance from your crush is all shades of complicated? Wait till a few years! When you look back, trust you’ll wonder what the hell you were so bothered about anyway.  Those seemingly insurmountable hitches become pretty laughable as you get to deal with more stressful challenges; like school fees, house rent, taking care of the kids… yup, but look on the bright side though, it’s all good; with time you’ll realise with every problem comes an opportunity to achieve even bigger feats. So you learn to pick up the pieces from the perhaps sometimes bitter experiences, managing the situation better and emerging a stronger person. In the end one thing is certain – it would be okay.

7. Things would be hard


I know you don’t want to hear it, but fact is – Tougher days lie ahead, good news though, you can get through even the toughest days with the right attitude. Some days you’ll give your all but somehow even that won’t be enough. You’ll feel frustrated, hell you’ll feel like giving it all up, DON’T! Always have one thought at the back of your mind – “I CAN!”  Never give in to feeling hopeless and bitter just because you’re obviously disappointed, rocky patch is part of the process. Endure, success doesn’t come easy or with luck, it requires hard work. Whatever you do, if you don’t want to wind up in the average zone, never look for the easy way out, great achievements come with great sacrifices. When those tough times come calling, see it as a test of your strength and develop your energy while at it!

8. Life can be rather unexpected


It’s great to plan ahead and envision every teeny weeny detail but the reality is, sometimes things don’t exactly turn out the way you want them to. You could fantasize about you living the dream and cruising the world by say 30, but what if everything doesn’t turn out as planned, would you just give up? Man up, don’t break under the pressure and face the problems  square on. I would love to tell you how your every desire would fall right into your palms just by wishing and believing, but it sure doesn’t work that way. As you get older you’ll experience your own fair share of heartbreaks and disappointments, refuse to allow them weigh you down, don’t let those things defeat you. Learn from them an become a stronger person.

9. Don’t take school so seriously


Kind of contradictory given the many many times you’ve been told to take school pretty seriously huh? Thing is, while having good grades and a good quality education is great, when it comes to the field of life you need much more than good grades, for success. While education offers a great opportunity to learn, it doesn’t by any means guarantee your success. Look around you, no one truly cares if you’re a First class graduate, if you lack the technical know-how, critical thinking and problem solving skills, you aren’t getting that dream job. Build your wealth of knowledge and experience; don’t just stay focused on academics. Although you’re tired of hearing it, knowledge is power! Think Bill Gates founder of Microsoft who dropped out of Havard,  now one of the wealthiest men in the world, that’s knowledge.

10. You will never have more time than you do right now


Think you’ve got enough on your hands and can’t possibly take on more? Well life’s got a shocker for you. Many years down the line, you’re realise how precious free time is and how you long to even get bored sitting and doing absolutely nothing, rather than complain like your childish self has done many times. Big picture; You’ll be locked up in your office trying to beat deadlines, trying to escape the traffic, bagging even bigger degrees so you can land that promotion, yet on top of that you get to deal with family too! But it doesn’t stop there, looking for some extra cash? You juggle all of that with some business at the side – #SideHustle. Yep, that’s how the story goes, enjoy the boredom while you still can.

11. Life right now doesn’t suck as much as you think it does


So what, you don’t have enough cash to land you that sweet iPhone 7 which would be pretty cool considering the fact that your rep has sort of faded into non existence and needs urgent protection…or perhaps not being the sole receiver of your crush’s attention sort of  puts a dampener in your spirit. News flash – You’re never going to have every single thing you desire, even when that “need” comes, another will pop up “out of nowhere”. There’s just going to be something lacking every time just because humans are insatiable by nature. Learn to live in the now and enjoy what you have, don’t get worked up over nothing. Live and revel in the moment.

12. You are valuable standing alone


This goes especially to the girls, know you’re every inch fabulous and don’t need any man to make you feel complete. You don’t need attention from guys to let you feel special. Know your worth and never give into the pressure to use your body for attention. Just because everyone seems to be dating doesn’t mean you should – they end up breaking up most of the time anyway. You’re enough, all by yourself; this truth will do you a lot of good.

13. You teach people how they are allowed to treat you


Forget personality, you’ve got more control than you can imagine. Truth is, most people love to take advantage of others, don’t let them, do not allow anyone treat you less than you deserve. It might seem difficult/uneasy to put them straight but you’ve got to learn it, if not you’ll have to deal with the consequence for the rest of your life. You respect people, so teach people to respect you in turn. Sometimes you’ve just got to demand certain things and this is one of them. It may not look feasible, but you can put a stop to the shabby treatment.

14. Your body doesn’t define you


There’s no such thing as “perfection”, yes you’ve got so-called “inadequacies”, your boobs may be looking nonexistent compared to your mates, you may be headed to the petite zone rather than the model crew, your biceps may just not cooperate with the “fantasy”…so what? You’re absolutely perfect the way you are. Love you and refused to be defined by your sex. Boys, if you love to sew clothes or give girls that glam look in the makeup department and are very good at it, proceed by all means, don’t let anyone or societal perceptions hold you back from achieving your dreams. Of course, you’ll surely land the cold shoulders and eyebrow raising, shrug it off and focus on your strength. In the end, you’re all you’ve got, so love you!

15. Be happy and have fun

Teenage girls having fun at slumber party

You’re young and so full of life, enjoy the moment! Have as much fun as possible! You’re at that stage before you reach full blown adulthood, don’t spend every minute wondering how the future’s going to be and wishing all your problems away, relax and build fun memories. Yes, you need to work towards getting a real bright future, but make sure while you’re at it, no one takes away your fun if not as you get older regret becomes part of you and that’s not a pretty memory to live with. Adulthood isn’t fun and games. Go crazy and have a blast sometimes! These memories will last a lifetime.

Last words, life is what you make it – See it, achieve it!

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