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18-year-old Teenager in Sex Romp With 70-year-old Grandmother


Akinyele Sokoya
An 18-year-old youth simply known as Ojo was caught having sex with a 70-year-old grandma at Itire,Surulere Lagos two weeks ago.

Ojo was caught in action by the grandma’s first daughter who entered her mother’s room without knocking on the door.What came as a surprise was that, the septuagenarian did not make a noise while enjoying the sex action,as Ojo was forced to stop the action with his grandma lover.

Investigations revealed that it was the grandmother who wooed Ojo, claiming that since she lost her last son, Ojo in the Biafran war, she had never set her eyes on a man who looked like her son and even shared the same name, until she met her teenage lover.

Those in the know revealed that, Ojo and his older lover had been having the illicit affair for a while before they were caught.

Efforts to arrest Ojo were met with vehement objections and she said that she employed the service of her young lover, because she lost her husband very early in life, when she would have been enjoying sex.

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